Samsung Galaxy S 2 Teaser Trailer Released [VIDEO]

Samsung has something big planned for MWC this year, be it the Galaxy S 2 or even the next generation Galaxy Tab. We have heard rumors of what the Galaxy S 2 is rumored to be a dual-core phone, using what has been dubbed an “Orion” processor, running Gingerbread, and have a 4.3″ SuperAMOLED plus screen. Pretty beastly specs for a phone. Today though we were given a quick preview of the Galaxy S 2 from Samsung via a video they posted on their Samsung Mobile Unpacked website.

While you may not be able to see the phone directly, if you notice at about 13 seconds into the video, Samsung failed at Photoshop and you can see the reflection of the phone in the window. While I am no longer going to be buying another Samsung phone, it is still going to more than likely going to be a good selling phone, and it is nice to see other manufactures going towards dual-core phones.


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  1. Pax
    February 01, 21:04 Reply

    No more Samsung for me.

  2. Appelflap
    February 02, 03:39 Reply

    It seems that the device in the teaser video is much thinner than the current Galaxy S….

  3. Vulinux
    February 02, 06:31 Reply

    After waiting several weeks for the final release of FroYo I will make the decision to wether buy or not to buy the new Galaxy dependent on the Community developing custom Roms for it – especially Darkyy.

    If there won’t be any good Developer-Community behind the new Galaxy … I’ll probably go for a new HTC Dual Core or comparable.

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