Verizon Drops Price of Incredible, R2-D2 Droid 2

We’re getting word from the guys over at Engadget that Big Red has dropped some prices. The  Droid Incredible and Droid 2 R2-D2 edition are now $100. Verizon had lowered the price of the Fascinate to $100 as well, but it was only for yesterday, January 31st. It can’t be a coincidence that just last week, we saw a Droid Incredible successor in the wild, and now the price has been lowered. Take from that what you will. Anyway, Verizon is having “ten days of sweet deals” from now until the iPhone 4 launches on February 10th, so keep your eyes open for some awesome deals on Android devices. Stay tuned to AndroidGuys for any more device price changes! Anyone going to pick up an Incredible or Droid 2 R2-D2 today?

  • darkjuan

    That’s a Fascinate in the above picture. Not the Droid 2…

    • Justin Marden

      The picture was taken on Monday, when the Fascinate was on sale. Unfortunately, the sale only lasted one day.

  • megalosdog

    The incredible is a turd…I got rid of mine as fast as I could

    • creeker1a

      I understand. Incredible will not sync with Office 2010.