Android Accounts for 54% of Smartphone Sales in the US is reporting that a mobile market research firm called the “NPD Group” has found that Android had increased it’s market share in the US during the 4th quarter of last year.

This is a 9 point increase from Q3 last year, widening the gap between Android devices and iOS powered units.  This coupled with the fact that Android is now the top selling OS for smartphones across the world makes a strong case that Android is the OS to beat right now.

Of course, it can be argued that Android is leading due to the sheer number of devices that it is running on.  The iPhone 4 was still the best selling smartphone in America when you look at handsets.  It will be interesting to see some different numbers when the tablet wars begin to really crank up.

  • Android for the last quarter outsold all smartphone mobile operating systems in the world.

    Congratulation Android team!

  • bousozoku

    “as found that Android had increased it’s market share”–its market share, not it is. 😉

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. PalmOS isn’t there, WebOS isn’t doing much, Windows Mobile 6.x is practically dead and Windows Phone 7 is appealing to a small group of Microsoft supporters. Trying to find a Nokia smartphone is difficult, unless you’re willing to pay US$799 for an unlocked phone that may not give you a good experience.

    Android-based phones are many more than last year at the same time, especially with LG Optimus being inexpensive and available just weeks before Thanksgiving Day. Who wouldn’t buy a smartphone for the same price as a feature phone?

  • Ratnok, Denver CO

    This “One versus Many” argument was tired and boring back when Apple tried to explain away why Microsoft kicked their butts for decades. Now it’s being applied to Android? Give me a break.

    Android has multiple phones.
    Symbian has multiple phones.
    WebOS has multiple phones.
    Blackberry has multiple phones.
    Windows has multiple phones and 2 incompatible OS’s (REAL fragmentation)

    Even Apple sells 3 models at 3 different price points, NOT one.

    Just because Apple has a different (read: poor) distribution strategy compared to EVERYONE ELSE does not mean they get ot whine with a free “it’s not fair” card to play.

    Nobody but iPhone fans care about individual model sales, just like the only people who should care about “profits” are shareholders.

  • Josh

    This was bound to happen, the only REAL competition comes from ONE company that releases a new handset ONE time a year on TWO carriers now. All Android needs is Netflix streaming and better resolve to software fragmentation and I wont have any iPhone envy.