What Do YOU Think of the New Android Market Website? [POLL]

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the news by now that a full-on browser experience has come to the Android Market.  After more than two years of waiting around, we finally get the ability to search, explore, and discover new applications from our computers.  Further, we can install them remotely without the nonsense that is tethering.  Assuming you’ve spent at least a couple of minutes playing with it, you have an initial impression of the setup.  So share it!

For those of you who didn’t try the new Android Market website, stop being lazy.  Go do it and then come back and share your opinion.

As always, write in votes are being accepted.  Once you’re done chiming in, hit the comments and go further in depth with your thoughts.

  • Very very good, think it will make getting around the market easier for some and the best bit about it is the downloading of apps straight to your device without having to do anything.

    • David H O

      Good, they just need to fix that darn language issue!

      I currently publish some apps that have localized titles (i.e., in many languages). Right now my users can only find my app if they search using the english title.

      Horrible, considering the phone Market already does it perfectly (so one thinks that the database is there, ready to be queried).

  • Thorpeland

    I have yet to see the online market. I came to this article sure it would actually link to the market. Poor writing here. You always link to back to your source or subject. Don’t assume we’re all in the loop 24/7.

  • Initial reaction is Awesome!
    But there are still a few things I want. Let me un-install apps from the web site in addition to installing them. Let me share on Buzz. And tailor the front page to my interests, based on my apps and browsing history 🙂

    • T

      Share on Buzz? Really? People actually use that?!

      • Yup.

        • T

          Well, as another blog pointed out (can’t remember if it was this one), Buzz is likely gonna die…. As evidence of the web market having a share on Twitter option but NOT Buzz. I think that tells it all.

  • TheSimm

    Market refuses to acknowledge that my account is linked to a device. I use an apps account with a CM6.1 phone. No new market love for me.

  • Vance

    I think it is great, and just what I was hoping for! The only thing that would make it great would be a “hot” list of what is moving within the last week/month, etc.

  • Stephen

    I liked the initial look, but I’ve come to rely on Appbrain’s ability to filter apps by app2sd ability. Us with tiny internal phone memories need to be sure every app we install can be moved to the SD card.

  • It sucks here in Chile. I have my phone and google account set to English. The website is half english half spanish.

    The top free space is completely empty. When I click on one of the categories I get a Market error page.

    When I go via VPN via a server int the Netherlands to the market I at least see apps. The site is half dutch/half english still. I can even get paid apps (they only never get installed when I ask for an install 🙁 )

    So I am pretty dissapointed with this release

    • Arcano

      I have the same problem, I’m in Costa Rica, when I connect to it on my company’s network I can see all the apps even paid ones, which is amazing, I hope google fix it for us soon, right now its just a waste of time to access it

  • T

    I don’t want to see my ENTIRE history of installs… Let me see just what I have installed. Maybe make it an option to see the rest. Also uninstall option would be great!

  • Wapu

    Great start but would like to see the following:

    – Language setting settings (for those that don’t want the default for their location)

    – Market location setting. Some countries have imposed restrictions on certain types of apps or functionality. This is fine in the phone app itself, but not for the internet.

  • Wapu

    Check boxes? Really? Seems like radio buttons would be appropriate for this survey.

    Another [email protected] (2 today and counting).

    BTW, who do you all employ for anyway? Throw my name in the hat next time your hiring. I work cheep (relatively).

    • Larry

      Chastising them for their “Fails” is probably not the best way to get in their good graces. “Hey, McDonalds, your food is gross and really bad for me. Can I have a job?”

  • Tansen

    This is wonderful! I would actually go as far as to say that this experience is even more seamless than the experience on the iphone/itunes. It literally just installs in seconds no matter where you or your phone is, very simple and elegant, streamlined, all in all very ossum.

  • Gary

    Eventually I want Google to store everything in the cloud (music, photos, etc…) and pump them out to whatever device I register with them so I don’t have to.

  • Peter

    It is fairly lame tbh.

    – The website doesn’t know about all the apps on my phone
    – When I install via the website the app does not appear in my apps on the phone
    – Apps not available in my country are viewable on the site and I get a nasty surprise if I try to install them. I’m not even sure if the site is filtering by Android version.
    – Filtering/Sorting is limited
    – The top half of my screen is wasted on featured apps (just like the phone). Only 3 of the 5 are even available in my country. 25% of the width is white space. Websites should really use the full width of the screen.
    – Apparently the site is half translated in some languages (half appears in english and half in the other language) and users can not select their language.
    – No ability to filter by language. Maybe everyone else knows Japanese but I’m monolingual myself.
    – The pagination code is a bit dodgy. Sometimes it gives me a link to a non existent page 0.

    The only saving grace is that now it is released it can be improved. That and some slim chance that AppBrain will be able to restore the install functionality they had before Google blocked them.

  • c00ller

    AppBrain is still better

  • Cherven

    Can anyone explain to me why when I’m playing Youtube video only 5 minutes of the video is play then it stop, and I have to replay it from we’re left. If anyone can help please let me know, if would like to be able to watch a 15 minutes video without to replay 3 times

  • thargic

    I agree with cooller… I still prefer AppBrain. Maybe GOOGLE should have bought AppBrain…

  • Zero

    I only see a empty list, i live in dominican republic.

  • boriqua2000

    it doesn’t work.i tried to install a game and im still waiting for it to appear on my phone.it’s been 2 hours.

  • michael

    It’s ok, but AppBrain has quite a head start on them.
    I’m sure this will catch up eventually but in the mean time, I really want my fast web installer back.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, but app brain does not work on my droid incredible half the time. And yes I already unnistalled and reinstalled it several times.

  • Foxman

    I would have been a lot happier if they announced the availability of the paid market in new countries instead! 🙁 We already have AppBrain to browse on the web (it has more features too!), and a fancy, flashy new webpage won’t help me buy apps! You can’t even uninstall apps from the cloud! I guess it’s progress, but it’s definitely not what I want right now.

    • steve

      I agree. Redesiging the store does not increase the customer base. Google should put more effort into opening up access to other carriers and countries. My wife kind of snickers whenever she buys a new app for her iPad and I can’t even get an update for gmail on my N1.

  • tkjtkj

    It sucks.

    Any improvement in the Market is insignificant compared to the total lunacy of the 15 minute ‘trial period’, which will certainly harm developers and android users in general.

    Whoever came up with that stupid idea ought to be fired.

    There is NO way any of the more-complex app’s can be evaluated in fifteen minutes. Even fifteen DAYS can be not enough! This is born out by the several dev’s who are notifying users that their own policies preserve sanity and they will refund dissatisfied users even in the face of this imbecilic Google policy.

    Atta wayyyyyyyyy, Google! One more instance of evil!

  • @a_macca

    not a bad effort, but i expected it to be a bit “cooler”

    • @a_macca

      i wish the paid market took was applied to each country, for every app i buy I pay an extra £1.50 gbp to my bank for foreign transfer.

  • LycraLout

    First impressions were good. Will be a lot better when it works. Requested 2 apps. Neither have appeared on my phone yet. No prompt. Nothing. We’re talking 3hrs ago now.

    UK, Orange, Hero

  • Brendan McCluskey

    I’ve found one issue; other than that, I highly prefer it to the market app itself.

    My issue: There is no option to “Install” a paid app which you have previously purchased that is not currently installed on your device. You must go through the “Purchase” process all over again.

    It’d also be interesting for some(me) to be able to sort the “My Orders” page, e.g. sort by highest-lowest price paid.

    – @BrendanMcCluske

  • I think it is a great improvement. I like the auto complete in the search box and I think it gives developers a better platform to promote their work. I am in the US, so its not surprising I didn’t have any of the language or other foreign country issues expressed above.

  • I think it is great that google is constantly updating. After all that is what made android what it is today.