October 30, 2014

AT&T Details Mobile Hotspot Pricing

arlier this week AT&T announced that their Inspire 4G would be arriving on February 13th with a $99 price tag.  Not only would this handset usher in AT&T’s 4G smart phone era, but it would also see the introduction of their Mobile Hotspot application.  Unfortunately, AT&T remained tight-lipped about the pricing and allowed data when making their phone announcement.  Today sees us learning how they plan to offer up the service.

The feature, which will run $45/month, will allow up to 4GB of data as part of a bundle with the Data Pro data plan. In other words, it comes out to $25/month for Data Pro (2GB) and another $20/month for the Mobile Hotspot app and an additional 2GB of data. Should a user go over the allotted 4GBs, it will run $10/GB on all connected devices.

Any takers?