It’s the February Streamly.TV SUPAHCONTEST!

That’s right, it’s February. It’s cold in most of the US, Valentine’s Day is looming about, and we’re all sitting here waiting for all the great stuff we’ve seen at CES and MWC to get released. Well, we here at Streamly.TV and friends figured that everyone could use a little pick me up. So, we teamed up with our brothers in arms and have put together a month long “Supahcontest” for you all to participate in. What’s a “Supahcontest” you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

We’ve got a handful of prizes laying about, and with new events around the corner, we’re going to need to make room for more. So, we put together a small word puzzle. There is a sentence, spread across several websites. All month long we will be tweeting the location of these sentence fragments.

Got it? Every couple of days either @androidguys, @agtnftw, @streamlytv or @donthatethegeek will tweet out the next clue. Use all your sleuthing abilities to find the clue wherever we say, and write it down. Once you have the whole phrase, get ready to tweet it out. The last week of February starts the Twitter contest. 15 lucky winners will be randomly selected from those who got the Twitter phrase correct. What prizes could we possibly have that’s worth all that work?

15. HTC Android Lanyard and Mini Keychain
14. Skype Phone Sock Lanyard
13. Skype Phone Sock Lanyard
12. Skype Phone Sock Lanyard
11. Skype Phone Sock Lanyard
10. Star Wars MIMOBOT stickers, Reese’s Minis, Muve Music Earbuds
9. Muve Music Earbuds, 1GB AMD WalletDrive, Reese’s Minis Griffin Screencare kit (Droid2)
8. 1GB Buddy FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Griffin Screencare Kit (Droid2)
7. 1GB Dolby FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,
6. 2GB Muze WalletDrive, Reese’s Minis, Price Grabber Luggage tags
5. 2GB Duracell FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Price Grabber Luggage tags, pandaboard stickers
4. 2GB Motorola FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Price Grabber Luggage tags, pandaboard stickers
3. 2GB Motorola Flashdrive, Reese’s Minis, Kaspersky 1 year license, Energii to go
2. 2GB THX FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Kaspersky 1 year license, Energii to go
1. 4GB PNY FlashDrive, Reese’s Minis, Kaspersky 1 year license, Duracell MyGrid, Loksak Airtight Case, Energizer Power and Play (PS3)

Remember, you can only be selected to win if you have the right phrase, so don’t just copy what that other guy tweeted, he might have it wrong! Follow the clues and be sure to watch AGTNFTW on for a weekly recap of the clues! Good luck everyone!

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