Google Sheds Brighter Light on Honeycomb, Unveils Web-Based Android Market


Google’s Honeycomb event has come and gone, leaving us drooling over Android 3.0 and the awesome stuff that awaits us.  In the chance that you were not able to tune in to the live show, broadcast from Mountain View, California, we’ll give you a few notes to bring you up to speed.  We’ll sum it up this way: If you were on the fence for buying an Android tablet, we’re telling you to wait for 3.0.  The experience will be unlike anything out there today.

  • Multi-tasking is much easier thanks to a dedicated button on the bottom of the screen
  • Widgets are scrollable (Gmail, Calendar, etc) and developers can write their apps to take advantage of the feature
  • New “stack” style widgets let users flick through (books, Youtube, etc) Devs can also write for that.
  • Notifications are non-intrusive as in the phone experience.  Comes from bottom now, with added detail such as pictures
  • Notifications can be dismissed individually (line item veto) rather than a general “clear”
  • Settings can be toggled quickly from bottom of screen
  • Pre-3.0 apps play very nice, render well (Fruit Ninja was demo’d)
  • Emails and other app paness can be optimized to appear to slide on/off screen within application (Gmail, CNN app) to enhance experience
  • Universal action bar across top has common actions such as search that work regardless (replaces search button on device)
  • Action bar changes based on needs of app.  Select multiple emails and bar changes to add options such as archive, star, etc.
  • Transitions between apps, homescreen to apps, etc all look fantastic
  • One line of code can have apps depend on hardware for acceleration
  • New Renderscript makes for gorgeous UI (YouTube carousel, books, music, etc)
  • Introduced a new music player, considerably better looking
  • Brief demo of a new Google Body app with layers such as muscle and skeletal, and has great search options
  • A few games were demonstrated, showing 3D graphics and playback
  • Video chat was demonstrated in full screen although somewhat choppy (WiFi-related issues?)
  • CNN demonstrated their 3.0 optimized app with iReport capabilities, live stream of video, and more
  • A completely overhauled web experience for Android Market was unveiled.  Now live.
    • Purchase apps, install automatically to device
    • History, multiple phone support, copy to another device, etc
    • Share with others
    • Links work for desktop or mobile, depending on what you are viewing from
  • Announced in-app purchases is coming
    • Select developers have been playing with it, including Disney
    • Will have an SDK out by end of Q1
  • Disney demonstrated three apps for Android, including Tap Tap Revenge 4
    • Will be launching when in-app purchases go live
    • Other games include Radio Disney and Jelly Car
  • Roughly 18 developers on-hand to demo apps on Honeycomb
  • More than 50 developers headed to MWC 2011 to demonstrate 3.0 apps

Once the video has been archived, we’ll be back to give you a few call out points and direct you to specific spots worth watching!

  • tekrhino

    “Notifications can be dismissed individually (line item veto) rather than a general “clear”

    Sounds like something that was “borrowed” from Cyanogenmod!

  • jimymc

    Yeah, I’m real excited about Honeycomb. It just makes me madder that big red hasn’t seen fit to update my Fascinate from Eclair to at least Froyo. Apps are now being written that I can’t use on my phone that I bought in September and I’m stuck with a contract that I would have to pay dearly to get out of.

  • Alex Vela

    How about Chrome?, it was not even mentioned? I would not mind buying both tablets, one with HC and other with Chrome, but seriously, what is the point?

  • Looks pretty nice