Incredibly Fast Firefox 4 Beta Released, Features Nearly 100 Add-Ons

A beta release of Firefox 4 has just landed and it’s better and faster than ever before. How much faster could this web browser be, you might ask? According to some recent benchmarks, it’s twice as fast as the stock browser in SunSpider tests and three times faster on Kraken. Not only is this much quicker than previous releases, it features increased stability, less memory hogging, and improved readability.  Much like its desktop counterpart, Firefox 4 Beta also supports nearly 100 add-ons to allow for truly personalized browsing experiences.  Hit the Mozilla blog for more details and a short video demonstration.

  • Gary

    Sounds like shilling for Mozilla.

  • rob

    This is a good effort by Mozilla but navigation is still clumsy (ie how does one go to the home page) and there still is no way to copy text on a web page (an absolute must). But as stated the browser is quite a bit faster. My advice is wait for the full version.

  • Elvis

    Woo! I’ll thank them personally next time I’m in my Mountain view building 🙂

  • Great ad.

  • Wapu

    “Incredibly Fast Firefox”… Are you serious? Did you even test it out?

    30+ seconds to start. (sound familiar?) Continuously truncates letters when typing URLs. Pages won’t load (or load incorrectly)… (long list of other minor issues…)

    I understand this is a Beta, and I didn’t expect much. But I also expect journalists and reviewers to be honest rather than gushing over the next hip & popular app. I understand you are just parroting marketed information, but at least do some follow-up research before running the headline.

    Guess the adage still holds true: Don’t worry about printing the truth, just print first.

    Running SGS. Run & tested with no issues on: Stock Browser, Opera, Dolphin HD.

    • Geekman

      Wapu….thanks for the “real” comments….it
      s all about getting the masses to the product asap and when window dressing is needed, lavishly apply…..pyeccch.

  • random

    I’m using Firefox 4 beta 10 . I like that I can place my bookmarks at the bottom. I wish they’d hurry up and fix the rest. The back button doesn’t work right, it only goes back 3 pages. Why? I hope that it’s because it’s beta.

    I still trust Firefox more than chrome. But chrome is faster. I don’t expect Firefox to open up as fast as chrome so i can give that a pass. it does not take 30 seconds though, closer to 4.