LG “Rewriting History” at Mobile World Congress [VIDEO]

I’m not exactly how one rewrites history, but that’s exactly what LG is doing.  At least, that’s what they plan to do at Mobile World Congress.  A recent tweet by the handset (and tablet) maker tells us today that something bigger is coming our way and that it’s “no longer just an idea”.  Rather than rewriting history, we’d like to see LG keep their foot on the gas, looking forward instead.

So what is it that LG is bringing to MWC 2011?  Is this simply a teaser video for the Optimus 3D or is it something different?  Maybe they’re ready to show us the G-Slate in public?

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  • GodoPPL

    Well.. they seem to be stressing “Something Bigger”
    Maybe a dual core phone w/4,3″ or bigger screen? AND 3D?

    could be the G-slate since it’s not “public” yet though..

  • Russ

    “Something Bigger is Coming on Your Way”…umm what?

  • RR

    Gosh, Mobile news is 99 percent rumours and 1 percent suppositions.
    Just fill pages and pages of website with no conrete news.