Texas Instruments Planning to “Transform the Concept of Mobile” on February 7th

Texas Instruments has been sending out invitations today for an event on February 7th where they promise to be “transforming the concept of mobile”.  This time around we’re looking at a virtual press event, which means we’ll definitely be watching from the cozy confines of our office.

As to what all of this means exactly to us Android folk remains but a few days away.  We’d love to think it’s something along the lines of a dual-core OMAP4 processors but we can’t say for certain.  TI is could be playing fast and loose with the phrasing here, indicating that they may be powering something that we don’t consider to be mobile today.

Is it coincidence that Sprint is throwing their New York event that same day?  Anyone on the inside care to share?  Any casual observers want to toss in a few pennies?  Would someone just say something?!

  • Ricorich


    Nah in all seriousness, I love how all of these companies are trying to one up each other holding these events Sprint, TI, and HP among others. I guess they felt either what ever they are showing wasn’t ready for prime time at CES or that by announcing it at MWC it’ll be pushed into obscurity by everything else that gets announced at MWC.

    But all in all I’m hype because it this year more than ever it seems that the competition is getting extremely intense and everyone’s feeling it. Google’s Honeycomb aOS, aOS tablets like the Xoom, BB’s Playbook, iPad 2, iOS 5 on its way, HP/Palm tablets and phones, 3D tablets/phones, dual core processors, everything having FFCs. Gotta love the age we live in.

    • aOS — love it! Haven’t seen anyone use that before, nice!

      I also agree about this one-upmanship thing going on. Generally only Apple can drive massive over-hyping of products through their tech sites–yes, “their tech sites.” Don’t be thinking most of these large tech sites don’t have S. Job’s hand right up their backsides.

      Giving such a vague release statement doesn’t really peak my interest that much. For someone like TI they need to give a little hint that might get the tech lust juices flowing.

      • Ricorich

        Thanks bro, I think it’ll end up being a quadcore mobile Cortex A9 to try to beat Nvidia’s quadcore Tegra2 that supposed to be revealed at MWC.

  • GaNk

    Sure, it’s a DLP pico projector embedded in a mobile phone… That wasn’t so hard! Cheers