AndSpot Launches into Public Beta

We have introduced the AndSpot Socially driven app market to you before, talking about how interesting we thought it was upon launch.  Today AndSpot is announcing that it has entered into public beta phase, with some new features for it’s users.  A quote from their press release sums it up:

Eagerly anticipated by Android users and developers worldwide, AndSpot launches their app today into public beta, and is downloadable from or by the following link: Developers can upload and use free tools from the developer site:

Key Features & Benefits

  • Spotty – Choose a lovable Spotty as your personal avatar and liven up your market experience
  • Home Feed – Personalized AndSpot recommendations on your homepage, as well as the latest
  • activity of your friends.
  • Friend Profile – Browse friend activity such as downloads, reviews, discussions or simply
  • compare apps to get the ones they have.
  • Messages – Exchange messages in real-time with friends regarding apps or anything else.
  • Discuss – Each app gets its own discussion forum, providing users an efficient way to evaluate
  • apps before purchasing, research and learn, provide feedback and find friends from the
  • community. Developers get valuable feedback and (free) peer-to-peer support.
  • Friend App Summary – See all your friends activities related to any particular app
  • ‘Ask’ button – Instantly ask your friend what he thought about the app

The idea behind AndSpot is to allow you to see what your friends are downloading and using for apps through social media, allowing app discovery to be a much easier process in the Android Market. Whether or not they were forced into public beta by the Android Web Market launch is yet to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if 3rd party markets like AndSpot will thrive in the face of such a challenge. I have been using them since beta, and can recommend them for sure. Go take a look!

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  1. Loren
    February 03, 18:42 Reply

    I love all the recent activity around social app discovery on Android (and other platforms). Users have trouble finding good apps, and niche app developers have trouble getting users. Everyone wins by socializing the process.

    Full disclosure: our app, App Advocate ( helps users discover and share apps in Google’s Android market.

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