AT&T Announces Pre-Order for Motorola Atrix 4G on Feb 13th, Will Run $199.99

When it comes to Android, AT&T is having a rather busy week.  After already announcing the launch of the Inspire 4G on Monday, the carrier has just put the word out that their pre-orders for the Atrix 4G are coming February 13th with an expected launch date of March 6 or earlier. Dropping at a slightly higher than expected $199.99 price, it’s still one heck of a deal for an Android 2.2-powered dual-core handset.  As for that laptop dock though… well the rumored $150 price tag is way off the mark.

AT&T will offer two packages for customers:

  1. ATRIX 4G and the Motorola Laptop Dock  – Promotional price of $499.99 (after $100 mail-in-rebate for after subscription to Data Pro smartphone data plan and tethering add on).
  2. Motorola Laptop Dock separately  – $499.99

AT&T will also offer an Entertainment Access Kit which includes the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99.

  • Barry

    Well, I was going to buy this phone to be my primary phone, but with the lap dock being priced at $500 instead of $150. I’ll wait and shop around for another phone. Come on Motorola, there are a lot of cheaper tablets coming out, including your Zoom. LG or HTC is looking better everyday.

  • I swear AT&T just wants to kill Android. . . what are they thinking? An extra $300 for a laptop dock that gives you a 11″ screen with a keyboard? Sorry but it’s rather easy to find a nice laptop for $400 and if you look a little I’m sure you can find a decent one for $300, at least a netbook, and then when you get a new phone it will still work where this laptop dock will be a brick without the phone.

    • dinesh

      dude i think the dock alone is 500$ 🙂

      • dinesh

        sorry 😐 didnt read it properly

  • Barry

    You know what Motorola. Whom ever (AT&T? Motorola?) is responsible for setting prices for this device. Please have them fired because they are an idiot.

  • Ryan McKay

    I do believe this just killed a ton of sales.

  • David

    Nice phone, but the the price of the laptop dock and multi-media docks are DEAL KILLERS. Given these sky high starting prices, I can’t imagine the prices will drop enough to matter within the next year.

    I know a lot of people who WERE very interested in this phone, no longer. It will cost nearly $1000 to get the phone, laptop dock and multi-media dock. What is Motorola thinking?


  • michael

    In addition to the just plain silly pricing, their “incentive” doesn’t look very well thought out either. You get a rebate for buying the dock and subscribing to their data plan and tethering add-on? If I planned to be tethering my laptop through this phone what do I need the dock for? Please don’t tell me that they consider plugging the phone into the dock to be the same as tethering.

    The dock looks cool in a quaint retro sort of way, but between the pricing and the non-standard split environment I think I’ll just get a nice tablet instead. Maybe a wireless keyboard to go with it.

    Even without the dock, the phone could still be promising once the bootloader gets unlocked.

  • Tullamore

    I’m also looking to buy this phone soon. Already find some great applications on this file search engine. However, the price is too high nowadays.

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  • Nick

    You guys gotta realize its a phone.. Witch meens u dnt need the laptop dock if u have a laptop. Its a phone with a dual core processor lol. Its a good price for the phone. Not everyone is buying it tO be a laptop

  • I’ve got one… it’s a great phone.
    The laptop dock is cool. I charges the phone using its own battery and can almost triple the battery life of the phone.
    That said, thanks to our friends at xda-developers you can get “Webtop Via HDMI Without a Dock”, you don’t even need to root!

    Very fast & reliable (android 2.2 FTW)
    Loud speaker (Max volume will get your attention from across the house)
    Bright LED flash
    Firefox in webtop can play hulu (kinda choppy tho)

    Battery life / temperature on load (idle is fine)
    Dock cost is annoying
    Signed bootloader (no third party ROMs)

    All in all… I like it better than my 3GS

    you can find more information by this article:
    Motorola Atrix 4G with laptop dock: First Opinion