Beta Test This! BioWallet2Browser [VIDEO]

Mobbeel, the developers behind the biometric authentication system BioWallet, are looking for some beta testers for a new, related application.  Called BioWallet2Browser, it gives users the ability to surf the internet in your desktop browser in a uniquely secure manner.  Login information is stores in your phone (inside BioWallet)  so that you do not have to remember passwords or have to deal with typing them in each time.  Whenever a user hits a website that requires login credentials, the browser (Chrome) pings their phone and requests the sensitive  stuff.  The phone talks back to the browser and presto!

If it sounds awesome that’s because it is.  Hit the jump to check out a video demo of how all this goes down.

If you’d like to try this out, be sure to hit the registration page and sign up!

NOTE: For this beta phase, the BioWallet Signature and BioWallet2Browser apps are not in the Android Market yet. The BioWallet Signature version on the Android Market (0.5.3) is not compatible with BioWallet2Browser, so you need to update to the 1.0 version from Mobbeel’s site. It is  strongly recommended that you to export all your BioWallet Signature data before updating to the new version, as it’s still a beta.  BioWallet2Browser service only works with (2.2 or higher) Froyo terminals.

  • sky

    Sounds pretty cool, as soon as telus decides to give me my 2.2 update ill try it out. – milestone

  • Cromag

    pretty cool. Signed up, set up a bunch of websites and passwords. Works most of the time for most sites. As cool as it is, I can’t see myself paying a monthly fee for it after the 2 month trial period.

  • david

    If they can not produce a clear video why would I assume their product is any better