Dell Venue, AKA “Thunder” Now Available for both AT&T and T-Mo

The Dell Venue, previously knows as the artist called “Thunder” is now available unlocked on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.  In a posting on a community blog over at Dell, it is being said that:

The long-awaited Dell Venue, aka “Thunder”, Android 2.2 Froyo based, smartphone is launching in the U.S. today.  At CES in January, we debuted the Venue and are very excited to now offer it to our customers.

Today, we’ll be offering the 16GB unlocked Dell Venue for $499.99 on The Venue is available with choice in mind as you can select from two different unlocked models (T-Mobile or AT&T).

The reviews on the Venue have been pretty positive, as the build quality is high, with a sleek look that make it a stylish handset.  No word from the blog if the unit is going to be subsidized and sold on the AT&T or T-Mo sites.  We will update if we get that information in.

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  1. Nancy
    February 03, 15:19 Reply

    I’m guessing this is a GSM phone. I wonder if this means that I can use this phone overseas by signing up for service in various countries and if so will At & T and T- Mobile carriers provide U.S.A. service for this phone without a contract. Or am I still locked into using At& T or T-Mobile and paying for international rates when I travel?

    • Pax
      February 03, 21:59 Reply

      ATT uses: 850 and 1900
      T-Mobile: 1700 – 2100
      Europe & Asia: 900 – 1800 – 2100

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