Pulse Reader Gets Updated for Honeycomb

The hugely popular Pulse RSS Reader that is on both Android and iOS devices had the honor of being showcased during the Honeycomb press conference yesterday.  The presentation showed an updated UI that takes full advantage of all the new developer toys that are being included in the latest build of our favorite mobile OS.

Check out the full press release after the break.  If you have not downloaded Pulse, I highly recommend it!Full Press Release

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – FEB 2, 2010 – Alphonso Labs, creators of the
hugely popular Pulse News app, showcased its brand new Android Tablet app
at the Honeycomb launch event at Google Headquarters. Alphonso Labs has
worked closely with Google over the last few weeks to customize their Pulse
News application and take full advantage of the Honeycomb platform.
Pulse, currently available on iPad, iPhone and Android phones, will expand its
cross-platform reach by launching the Android tablet app later this month. There
are a lot of new and exciting features in Honeycomb. Here’s a developer’s
perspective on how Pulse is leveraging the Honeycomb platform to enhance the
news reading experience on Android Tablets.

Activity Fragments
Honeycomb allows developers to break the Activities of their applications into
sub-components called Fragments, and then combine them in a variety of ways
to create a richer, more interactive experience. For the landscape view, Pulse
allows you to open the story right there in a new fragment. This allows readers
to simultaneously browse and read news stories.

Home Screen Widgets
Honeycomb lets developers take home screen widgets to the next level, offering
more types of content and new modes of interaction with users. Pulse has
incorporated some of these new widgets in its Android tablet app. What you see
below is a 3D stack of articles from a particular source, which you can flick up or
down to change stories. You can also click on a story you like, and go right into
the app. Interactive widgets will change the way you interact with the Android

New Animation Framework & Hardware Accelerated Graphics
Honeycomb gives a performance boost to many graphics operations for
applications running in the Android framework. Pulse runs blazingly fast on
Honeycomb – the fluidity of the interactions is especially noticeable.
Richer Notifications
Honeycomb extends notifications by letting developers include richer content in
them. Pulse can now show you news stories, including image and headlines in
these notifications, keeping you up to date.

The Pulse News App is available on the App Store and Android Market. Users
can download the app at www.pulsene.ws or www.alphonsolabs.com

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