“Rayge” of the Week: Cliq XT Not Getting Upgraded, Staying at 1.5

And here we go yet again.  T-Mo news is reporting today that all you proud owners of a Cliq XT are getting the shaft when it comes to being upgraded to 2.1.  Here is the official quote as to why from the Motorola Forums:

Today  we posted this statement on our Software Upgrade News page:  “After  comprehensive testing of the Android 2.1 upgrade for the CLIQ  XT, we  have concluded that this device will remain on Android 1.5.  We  realize  many of you were anxiously awaiting this upgrade, but we aim to  deliver  software upgrades only when it will provide a better customer   experience.”

For   many of you on our forums, I know this is disappointing news. Mark and  I  were optimistic about the outcome of the CLIQ XT development process   and were also disappointed in the final result.

Our product team  members worked for months to attempt to create a  version of Android  2.1 that would perform well on the CLIQ XT. When the  software could not  meet the basic performance standards required, they  went back to the  drawing board multiple times. They gave it everything  they had. We even  took the unprecedented step of investigating the  benefits of code  provided by the independent developer community to try  to improve XT  performance. In the end, we were not able to develop a  version of  Android 2.1 for CLIQ XT that would deliver an optimal  customer  experience.

Some of you will wonder why we didn’t announce this  sooner.  For one, we didn’t learn about this all that long ago. Then, it  has  taken some time to coordinate with T-Mobile and alert our call  center  agents and others of the decision.

We  recognize that many of you will be frustrated by this  news. As always,  you are free to post your comments, but please keep  them civil and  within the bounds of our

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Again, another instance of an upgrade being promised, then yanked back. I do give Motorola credit on the fact that they are at least owning the blame here, and trying to communicate. My “Rayge” comes in the fact that they should have been communicating their issues all along. All we are asking for is an open dialogue. My wife owns this handset, and has been waiting for her update. She is still a year out for an upgrade. Perhaps T-Mo will have some sort of program where we can upgrade early. Not holding our breath though.

  • Abraham Tehrani

    I don’t trust their claim of performance. I’ve seen a Cliq XT with community 2.1 installed and seemed fine (granted some things may not work, like bluetooth). The performance seemed better than the stock 1.5.

    This whole thing has been handled very poorly and should get more awareness to prevent Moto and other companies doing the same thing.

    This has turned me off from Moto, I will never purchase a Moto product again.

    Secondly, turned me off from Android

    • A. Nonymus

      That wasn’t the same as the official test builds of 2.1. I was a tester and while I had great performance, there were many plagued with issues so random and odd that they couldn’t be pinned down. Everyone’s bummed about it, including and especially the folks at Motorola working on the project.

  • acupunc

    I personally believe customers, especially of Android devices, need to realize that the OS on the phone they purchase may very well be the OS for that phone’s life. . . at least at this stage of the game. Hopefully, more customers will purchase “vanilla Android” (Nexus S currently and the Xoom for tables to come) to send the message to carriers to stop mucking up the OS so it can be easily upgraded or ensure that there are clear upgrade paths that are followed and if they can’t be followed to give a free upgrade to new hardware. . .

    • Hugh2d2

      Sure, Acupunc. The real issue was the promised upgrade at the time of purchase.

      The XT was released after 1.6 was out. I was told at the time of purchase, that it would be going to 1.6, “in a matter of weeks.”

      Those weeks turned into months. Then we were promised 2.1. That never happened either.

      The phone is less than 1 year old and Motorola has decided to drop it as a supported phone. If apps were still available for 1.5, that might not be an issue. As it is, 1.5 apps are going the way of the dodo.

      I rooted and installed a community developed 2.1 version of Android. It works great. Motorola couldn’t get their Blur skin to work on it and want to sell new phones. Simple as that.

    • Simon Stonestreet

      I bought a vanilla device for that reason, moto milestone(euro droid). Still waiting for froyo, delayed 4 times, just waiting for it to be cancelled like it has been in most other regions. Moto artificially makes its phones outdated early in order to sell newer models. Moto don’t understand customer loyalty or they’d realise most people outside of the USA won’t buy aanother one of their devices, they really suck!

  • I got stuck with the original “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™”. I ended up having to buy an HTC MyTouch 3G Slide to get a decent phone on T-Mobile with a keyboard – when the long-delayed 2.1 update for the CLIQ™ finally came out, I put it on the phone and gave it to my wife to replace the physically worn-out G1 she was using. I am lucky she hasn’t divorced me over it.

    I’m still wondering what Motorola Mobile Corporation does with all the information that MOTOBLUR™ send to and from their servers.

    I’d still consider a future Motorola™ brand device if they weren’t so violently opposed to customer control over their own phones. It doesn’t really bother me if the handset manufacturer doesn’t feel like keeping their customer’s phones updated so long as I have a way to keep my OWN phone updated (Cyanogenmod runs GREAT on the HTC phone. HTC has been promising an update to Froyo/2.2 for the MT3GS for some time now, and it’s perpetually delayed much as the CLIQ™ update to 2.1 was, but since I was able to swap over to “Froyo” via CyanogenMod (and from the sound of it, Real Soon Now an official Cyanogenmod release based on Gingerbread), HTC’s inability and/or laziness doesn’t really affect me.

    If Motorola Mobile Corporation stops inflating the cost of building their handsets with Use-Prevention chips and becomes a lot more friendly towards their customers’ desired uses of their customers’ phones, I MAY, eventually, consider a Motorola-branded device again.

    I think Motorola Mobile corporation is too fossilized to make that kind of change now, though.

  • Rich

    Exactly the same thing happened with the Dext, promised update pulled without any sort of apology. I too bought the dext for my wife based on Motorola promise of upgrade. I don’t see how Motorola have any integrity in doing this, and I’m never trusting or buying motor again. The sad thing is the Facebook pages and owners forums are full of similar stories, and Motorola don’t seem to care. #motofail

  • Bob

    I wouldn’t mind at all if they weren’t using encrypted bootloaders. ALL Motorola devices except the original Droid are destined to become abandoned orphans.

  • Thomas

    This just goes to show you that all those crying over Samsung not updating their phones….. hey moto and htc leave devices behind too…….. I keep updating my wifes phone. Not through the companies updates mind you, but buy buying the latest phone… (G1, cliq, mt3g slide….. hoping she will get the same updates that I do (but on a rooted Vibrant), but always disappointed…. I plan on getting her next phone with Gingerbread. I am sure we the customers will never keep up or be satisfied…. but as long as we have smart people at xda who root phones just to root them. I will feel I have victory over the sellers.

  • Erik

    I got the Cliq XT when it released because I liked the form factor, the price was right, and I believed Motorola when they said they would update it. When the first promised release date came and went I eBay’ed that mofo and couldn’t be happier with my decision to bail.

    I really dodged a bullet there. The Cliq XT really turned me off of Android. Motorola can die in a fire.

  • Josh

    I really hope Honeycomb works good on the Xoom cause it will probably never see an update lol

  • Will

    The hardware is not bad, it’s Blur that is the issue. I bought 2 XT’s in March 09 for my wife and myself on the promise that there would be an upgrade coming. After 9 months of waiting a delays, I decided to root and install a new ROM on mine. Currently running the Mastermind 2.1 Basically Blurless ROM with an over-clocked kernal and I now love my XT! My wife has asked that I not hack hers, and a day does not go by that she isn’t complaining about her phone freezing, or force closing her apps, or lagging so badly she wants to throw it against the wall. The community can make 2.1 work, but the company that created the phone can’t?!?! It’s Blur that would not work, not 2.1.