Barnes and Noble to Stop Selling the Nook Color for Two Weeks

It seems that Barnes and Noble is going to be stopping the sales of their popular Android-powered Nook Color for the next two weeks. This comes as somewhat of a surprise to people who have been  looking to get one and use it as a tablet.  After all, it is one of the first devices on the streets to handle a port of the Honeycomb SDK.  

As for the exact reason for the two week hiatus, one side says it’s to ready a Froyo update.  Another side thinks it’s because so many people have been buying them and rooting them, re-purposing device as a cheap, full blown Android tablet.  A third, and more likely scenario, is the line we’re getting from Barnes & Noble.  According to them, it is the result of a bug in B&N’s inventory system and that shipments were ceased so that a company-wide stock count could take place.

“B&N’s short-term solution to the problem is to move stock from one store to another to cover demand, with cooperation at the local level between stores.”

So there you have it, nothing as scary as it first sounds.  However, we’re curious as to how many of you gave the extra thought to the idea of running out to get a NOOKColor?  Are you worried that a locked bootloader could ruin your plans down the road?

Update: It seems that this was all either a marketing ploy or something, but it looks like Barnes and Noble has gotten the NOOKColor in stock, and is actively selling them. The only thing is good luck on finding them, they are selling faster than hot cakes.

  • Liohn

    I live in Canada and discovered the Nook Color this weekend. It looks like exactly what I’ve been searching for: an affordable Android tablet (that also doubles as a top of the line eReader). I figured that if I didn’t like reading on it, having a tablet would be great; and if I found that I didn’t really need a tablet after all, I’d still have an eReader.
    Unfortunately, when I went to order it, B&N and Bets Buy were backordered. My girlfriend was in NYC at the time, but I didn’t catch her quickly enough to send her to pick one up for me. The location in Burlington, close enough to Stowe, was sold out. That’s when I got worried that B&N was up to something, and started to panic. I put up a flag on facebook, looking for anyone I knew in the states or heading there, who could pick one up for me. I got a response from Austin, Texas, where a friend of mine works. I spent hours on the phone, long distance, calling locations in Austin, putting nooks on hold, checking stock, hoping that my friend would make it in time. He didn’t.
    When the entire city of Austin sold out, I started checking NYC again, where I know people (though noone coming to Montreal any time soon). At 6pm last night, a bookseller at the 5th Ave location told me that the last nooks in the city could be found in Greenwich, at 6th and 8th. By that time, though, I’d given up.
    It looks like I’ll have to wait and see what Barnes & Nobles is up to, and in the happy case that they’re not blocking my hopes and dreams, I’ll have to wait a month or so after they start shipping to get one from the US to Canada.

    My biggest concern, though, is that if they’re not putting in some sort of root-fix, they are going to start checking IPs when customers try to buy books. Right now as long as you put in a US billing address, you can download new books while north of the border. If they start checking IPs, though, I might end up with a very flashy $250 paperweight.

    • Tim


      I have no idea about whether they are going to implement some sort of root fix. I have one of those nootered nooks and I have downloaded the B&N nook app from the Android Market. Using that app you can still buy and download NookBooks and even if they put in some sort of system that prevents you from getting NookBooks from a Nootered NC system app, they will have no idea of that if you use the market app. So you can rest easy on that particular fear. Also there is an excellent talent of the NC. If you completely screw up your system, or you decide that you need the original system back, there is a copy of the OS hidden in the NC that can restore the OS to stock without booting your undesired or non-working custom system. I must say there is always the danger of bricking your NC, and technically voiding your warranty, and other nasty problems, but there are excellent nook color developers who have come up with fixes for all the bricking problems that I have read about in the related forums. If B&N does not install some sort of self-destruct system like motorola does, then I am confident that the guys and gals at xda, nookdevs, and other related developers will find a way around just about anything that B&N can come up with. I recommend going to nookdevs dot com/FAQ to see the techniques for nootering and restoring your NC back to “factory freshness.” The folks over at xda dot com are brilliant with custom techniques for making your NC exactly what you want it to be. I recommend that you check out the NC android development forum @ forum dot xda dot com/forumdisplay.php?f=864 and the NC Themes and Apps forum @ forum dot xda dot com/forumdisplay.php?f=865 .

    • Kris

      You should also check out Walmart. I just got one today at a Walmart in New Jersey, lots of the Walmarts still have the nook colors in stock…the walmart website even lets you check to see if they have it in stock or not…

  • Tony

    I live in Vancouver and have one myself. It is a great device even if it in not rooted. How else can you can WSJ. 🙂

    Keep it coming B&N. I will keep buying books from you with my US MasterCard.

    I was luck to have gotten it last week. They had to drive stocks from Seattle. 50 NC sold out in 4 days. Not a lot of stocks. The snow storm out east is also causing logistic problems.

    • Val

      Hi, I have a friend who is currently in Arizona but lives in Vancouver. She wants to be sure she can use the Nook Colour in Canada. Have you had any problems with using it? If she doesn’t have an American credit card, can she use her canadian card to buy books? And more importantly, can she access the free library?

  • Natalia

    I am have been deciding into getting an Ereader for my books for school and I think that the Nook Color is the best option . I am going to get the Nook color I think buy the end of the month. It beats the ipad on its value and I am glad that they put the SDK is in memory so it wont mess up the Nook in general I think its very affordable and I hope that maybe B&N can make a deal with Google. My guess is that right now people are looking for a tablet that is within reach and affordable. Unless something else comes out around that price that is better I see no change for the Nook Color. I seriously doubt that B&N has a problem in which people are buying more Nooks because you can put Honeycomb 3.0.

    • Damien Raine

      The only thing is that the parts alone cost them around $200 to make a Nook Color, and that is not including all the money that is included in things like r&d, advertisement, and things of that nature. So basically they are losing money with the price point that the Nook Color is at; which is why B&N is counting on people to buy books from their book store on the ereader.

  • Appelflap

    My guess is that Google is releasing the official Honeycomb SDK on short term and that Motorola doesn’t allow B&N’s Nook Color to become the first Honeycomb device in store 😀
    Also, its because intergalactic waves are interfering with the production process. The Martians doesn’t like the NC.

  • michael

    The current methods for rooting the Nook Color typically result in being able to add apps to the existing B&N software. A locked bootloader wouldn’t stop people for long from rooting their Nook, just make it a bit trickier to do. But a hardline anti-hack approach that’s harder to work around would mean the resulting workarounds would more likely be a wholesale system replacement.
    Right now I can run the B&N shop on my rooted Nook Color and buy books in between sessions of angry birds. If B&N is depending on me buying books as their business plan, keeping their system easy to work with after I’ve rooted is going to work out a lot better for them than forcing me to bypass their system when rooting.

    Also, the very hardware design of the (current) Nook Color makes it very easy to hack (independent of whether or not their software is easy to work with once I do). A hardware revision designed to prevent the device from being hacked would mean spending time money and resources for something obviously not part of their original design. I can’t see them wanting to do that unless they thought it magically make me buy more books somehow. It wouldn’t make them the first company to insist on shooting itself in the foot, but it just doesn’t seem like the most likely explanation for their shipping delay.

  • Ronnie B

    Figures they’d do it now. My fiancée’s birthday is on the 22nd, and she wants one for her birthday. I was gonna buy it with my next check. Now you’re saying I might not be able to get it for her by the 22nd? Grrrr!

    • Tim

      Ronnie B,

      If you really want one by the 22nd I’ll be happy to sell you mine, already nootered or not.

      For a HEFTY markup.

  • Antonio S.


    B & N should embrace this positive aspect of their e-reader. Peolpe with “tablet” Nooks might buy some books from B&N but those using ipad might never buy a single B & N book (if [sour] Apple has its way].

    Further, B&N should boost the Nook Color CPU so that it performs better with potentially huge sales a better cpu(s) should not add too much to the price.

    Produce a Nook Top Color model with a camera and the other few thing that are missing when compared to an “eye-pad” the, put me down for an order and possibly some e-book too 🙂


  • It says Barnes & Noble will stop selling them. You can still get the Nook Color at other places like Best Buy.

  • Illan

    They now show as availible on the B&N website

  • DAVE

    Entirely not true… Barnes and Noble has not stopped selling nookcolor. They’ve stopped shipping them. Many stores still have stock and are selling them.

  • Bookman

    Nook color will be back on sale Monday, feb 8

  • E_bet

    It never went off sale- just out of stock. Some stores still have them, otherwise replenishment again Monday. Website has stock “Available Now”.

  • Dirk

    So, I somehow showed up late to the party and just found out about the Nook Color and how you could mod it. It does sting a little that only a year ago I dropped $350 on a regular Nook for my fiancé, but that’s neither here nor there… Anyway, I get home from work on Friday, cozy up to my computer for webernetz entertainment, and run into a story on Reddit about the Nook Color and how to mod it. Needless to say, I literally dropped everything and called my closest Barnes & Noble to see if there were any in stock, and I was informed that there was.

    Five minutes later, I’m walking through the door at the B&N and I instantly go to the Nook Color display and start to pick out a case when the manager, Katie, asks if I need any help. “Just need a case for my sweet new Nook,” I reply, and then Katie drops the bomb on me: “Do you have a Nook Color, or are you on the waiting list?”

    “Whay-ba-haba-who-but?” Is what I manage to say as I make the hand gesture of playing a sustained chord on an air keyboard. “No… I’m buying one today.”

    “Not from here,” she says and then goes on to explain that there are no Nook Colors in the Phoenix metro area and that she was sorry that one of her employees told me that there was a Nook Color there. I then proceeded to try to by the floor model (which I was informed that was a stripped down version and that I really didn’t want it) and then I moved on to trying to buy Katie’s, but she left hers at home.

    Now, I’m in a little bit of a panic because I had just read this story and damnit, I didn’t want to get a Nook Color if it was locked down and not mod-able because, what am I going to use an e-reader for… reading? No sir! I want to play Angry Birds on it and… and… alright, this is an affluent purchase which I really can’t justify. So, Katie, seeing that I really want one lets me know that I can put my name on the reserve list and that they’ll have a whole shipment of them on Monday, February 7.

    So, there you have it. If you’ve made it this far, you now know that I’ve heard it from a reputable source (a B&N manager that I’ve known for ten minutes who works at a B&N location outside of the mall where they shot Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure which is now the worst mall in Phoenix) that B&N is still selling Nook Colors. I even brought up this article and Katie assured me that in the whole consumerism scheme, B&N did want to take my $250 and that they were doing everything in their power to get Nooks on the shelf.

    I’ll let you know on Monday if I have a Nook or not.

  • Drew

    Well, I saw all the hype in the news on Thursday and ran to my local Wal-Mart – I knew they had only one in stock from a few days before. I figured even if there was some sort of B&N imposed lockdown that the top-notch Wal-Mart electronics team wasn’t likely up on the latest. They had it (one and only one), I bought it, I’m happy.

    I stopped by a B&N on Saturday to check out covers and talked to the resident Nook geek. He told me they had been out of stock, but they had just received 40 of them on Friday night!

    If B&N is trying to create a rush on these puppies before Valentine’s Day I think they must have some kind of marketing genius spreading disinformation…

  • Joe

    I would love to get one. I need mostly a reader, but with good PDF support. This would be perfect for me and I would never think of rooting it…IF B&N were a bit speedier with updates for buggy pdf support and other bugs and oddities in their software. Just playing with it for a while, it was confusing, there were a couple of different ways to do things and not always “logical” or intuitive.

    For now, rooting it seems like the best option for me. Wish it wasn’t…I’d love to just use it as-is.

  • Scott

    Just picked up NC..rooted it to 1.0 but didn’t like no pinch/zoom..restored it back(very easy) and then downloaded 1.1 from has Web pinch zoom..probably will root it with 1.1 now..concerned on stopping future updates that may brick it..talked to guy at BN,,he said the issue is that the cargo ships from China were delayed and they sold way more over holidays that thought..didn’t sound like more than BN had 2 left when I grabbed one

  • Between my Ipad and Kindle I just don’t think I have any room for one of these so it doesn’t matter if they stop it for a year. Looks cool though.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever wrote this article is illiterate and loves to make sensationalist headlines.

  • Anonymous

    Bought a Nook Color and I think they are pretty good for the money paid. I especially like the color LCD feature because I like to read my favorite magazines while I wait in line, wait at a doctor’s office, or anywhere else.

    I did have a hard time finding a sleeve for it. However, found a small company that makes a pretty good sleeve for this unit and sells them for only $8.95 with free freight at
    By the same token, if anyone knows of where I can buy a good cover (not a sleeve) that is not too expensive for the Nook Color, please let me know.


    • Alicia

      Ebay has nice covers. I got a genuine leather one in red that had a choice of colors, from an American seller (OH) for under $16.00 with free shipping. Well made, lightening fast shipping.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have the model number?


    • ARKC

      JAVOEdge makes nook cases that secure the entire nook and even have a stand. I love mine.

  • Alicia

    Headline got my attention, I know it’s old….but, got my NC from Ebay when B&N was offering them for $200.00 (end of Feb.) Ebay bucks= 4.98. I love it! Had some Wifi issues, so I had to (my techie son anyway) had to add another router, (he had an extra one) now it connects instantly. Have found lots of free books and have only paid a dollar for a KJV of a Bible so far.
    Just saw on Home Shopping Network over the weekend that B&N is coming out with the update in mid April with Flash and many more apps to choose from, “Angry Birds” included. They were selling this as a tablet-eReader with an sd card with 100 “free” books for 299.00 + 12.00 shipping as their Today’s Special. They sold almost 20,000 in 1 day! Currently selling for $329.00 at HSN. Bought a 16g class 6 micro sd card from Amazon for $16 and had planned to root it, but now will wait for the update to 2.2 to see how it is. Can always use the memory card for extra space if I don’t root the device. I actually like it now, so it can only get better with the update.

  • Carpenoctem045

    I dont know where people get this information from, but nook color never stopped sales for any two weeks. Whom ever writes this post needs to get a better source. and as for getting 100 free books, thats even funnier. Nook color offers 1.8 million book titles free and an additional 2 million for purchase. I hope people learn to research better and get there facts straight.

  • Ferrellms

    what kind of nonsense is this – i resent you wasting my time with drivel

  • Lynne

    I bought the Nook color on Monday, April 25th, 2011. Despite many calls to technical support, I still have not been able to complete the registration process for my Nook Color, and have not been able to use it yet! They keep telling me they are having software problems! I should have been told at the store that day about this! I waited this long I could have waited to buy this after they repaired the bugs…but nooo! They sold it to me fully knowing I would not be able to register & use the thing! Not to mention the warranty is running while all technical support can say “we don’t know when the problem will be fixed!