Intuit’s GoPayment Among First Mobile Payment Apps Optimized for Honeycomb

Intuit, the minds behind Android apps such as and TurboTax SnapTax, recently began offering another title called GoPayment which lets users accept credit card payments from their phones.  Features include instant credit card authorization, automatic deposits into your bank account, and the ability to sync with QuickBooks Pro.  If you own a small business and find yourself on the go, you’d be wise to consider this mobile solution.  This goes double for you in you’re looking to pick up an Android 3.0 tablet later this quarter.  

Intuit has been showcasing and demonstrating a Honeycomb-optimized version of their app which should arrive in the coming weeks.  The list of added features is pretty extensive and should make for convenient business operations from the field.

Features include:

  • Take photos of frequently sold items – Using a device’s camera, save time by photographing products and storing details to create a visual product list to quickly take customer orders.
  • Drag and drop frequently sold items from a product list – Quickly complete a sale by dragging and dropping items into the shopping cart and easily add or delete items as needed.
  • Work within an easy-to-view, large-screen environment – Easily view transactions and work faster when processing payments on a tablet. GoPayment is optimized for tablet form factors building on Honeycomb’s “fragment” technology.
  • Find data quickly – Find items in a product list or locate past transactions using new search capabilities.
  • Authorize transactions with touch screen signature – For added security and professionalism, customers can quickly sign a tablet’s touch screen to authorize their transactions.
  • Swipe cards within seconds – Save time and money by swiping a card instead of entering numbers manually with support for a variety of credit card readers. All compatible card readers also encrypt the credit card data for added protection.

Intuit will be at Mobile World Congress where they’ll be showing off the new payment solution.  Look for it to hit the market right around the same time as your Honeycomb tablets.  Visit addition details.

  • This is a must have for small businesses with technicians in the field. Getting paid on the spot is so important in these times – no more “I don’t have my checkbook” excuses!

    We have several clients who are using Go Payments and love it! We’d be happy to have one of our Intuit partners help anyone apply for an account and qualify for a free Intuit card reader. Give us a call at 775-348-9200 or visit our website.

  • Honeycomb is not good Enough for that matter. the reason for that it does not support 100 % of the market (both POS and merchent and both mobile devices ) so how can it be solved ? Mobile payments, marketing, wallet, coupons and others create a lot of buzz. digimo believe that the right solution should create value to all participants of the payments value chain, or echo system. We think the right way to do that is by meeting the customers needs – and it does not matter if you are a bank, retailer, MVNO/MNO, credit card company or other.
    The main challenge in creating value and meeting the needs is in bridging between the online and offline worlds – the Digimo solution is not a cool online informative tool; it is not a technical payment mechanism at the pos; it’s both