Michigan Best Buy Leaks Launch Date of XOOM, Thunderbolt on Facebook Page


A Best Buy from Grand Rapids, Michigan posted a Facebook update last night which caught the eye of many Android enthusiasts.  According to this singular store, they will be offering the Motorola XOOM tablet on February 24th with the HTC Thunderbolt coming in on Valeltine’s Day (February 14th).  We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but one store typically doesn’t speak for the entire chain.  However, we’re definitely leaning in the direction of “most likely true”.  On the other hand, we’d previously heard the 24th for the Thunderbolt from someone on the inside of Verizon.  Thus, we’re not 100 percent.  Maybe Best Buy will get a head start on VZW this time around.  Have you stopped by your local Best Buy to pick their brains yet?

Source: DroidLife