Are Sites Like AppBrain in Danger From the New Android Web Market?

Since we have seen the launch of the new web based Android Market, questions have surfaced about 3rd party app markets like our beloved AppBrain.  Will they survive?  Will they be forced out of relevancy?  Can they continue to grow?  According to Mathijs Vogelzgang, developer for, the answer is a resounding “YES!”. 

In a Q and A article on, Mathijs talks about the fact that they certainly have been watching the launch of the new Market interface, they still believe AppBrain gives users a better search and filtering experience than Google does.

We have to agree, we find it odd that the “king of search” does not have a better algorithm or filter system in place inside their own Market place.

A quote from Mathijs about some of the things that AppBrain has in place that Google does not with the Android Market:

we have always seen ourselves as a discovery and sharing service on top of the Android market. Most of the features that AppBrain has are not offered by the Google Webstore, in fact the initial version of AppBrain that we launched 12 months ago already had more features than Google’s store now.
Just to sum up, the features that make AppBrain unique are:

  • daily and weekly hot apps
  • personalized app recommendations
  • more app details like change history, referring articles and blogs about the app
  • interesting browse and filter options, like top apps per country, per demographic (age, gender), move2sd enabled, price reduced, etc.
  • filtering of ~50% of apps that are spam or otherwise low-quality
  • sharing of your entire app list
  • uninstalling apps, setting of wallpapers and pushing URLs to your phone
  • connecting with Facebook and Twitter to see what apps your friends have
  • embeddable widgets for your own blog

Hopefully the above mentioned features can keep AppBrain around for the long haul, I know that I rely on it pretty heavily for app management. If you have not tried out AppBrain, go give it a shot, it really is a joy to use.

  • To be honest, I never liked the AppBrain web site. It just isn’t that pleasing to look at. So in that respect, I plan to visit the official android market web site more often.

    However, AppBrain seems to deliver a lot more than that, and it’s usually linked on other web sites, for qr codes and more, and that is where I think they will continue to shine.

  • Nicolas LaBarre

    I don’t use Appbrain to find apps, I use the Android community I like the Web Store better because if ota install and I can see my app history

  • DroidLady

    Appbrain is in no danger! The Android Market looks cleaner to the eye, but doesn’t have the same functionality as Appbrain. In addition, it says “no Android devices associated with this account” for myself and others. Therefore, you can’t use the over the air install! They ‘re trouble shooting info does not fix issue.

  • I use AppBrain a lot. I hope they will continue to provide unique features.

    There is more to finding an app or “finding the right app(s)” then search, recommendations, and the categories everyone comes up with.

    AppBrain can continue to grow.

  • Tansen

    I guess it’d be nice if they could somehow fuse together to give us the best of both worlds all in one place. I think it is to our benefit to have a single place that can do all of these great things. Just like with having multiple app stores, I think it just makes it more complicated for the end-user, and this is one thing apple has done perfectly right (albeit with some issues screening apps).

  • md

    Since official web market doesn’t cope quite well with my MIUI ROM, I continue to use the Appbrain. Too bad they got the Fast Web Installer disabled, it was perfect. Google should just buy it, instead of making that half-working site and focus on updating the N1.

  • Matt

    I never cared at all for AppBrain’s design or the social aspects of the site. The second the App Market was announced I uninstalled AppBrain and deleted the shortcut from my bookmark toolbar.

    It frees up app space on my phone, and AppBrain’s instant installer never seemed to work very well, not like the seemless process that Google has given us…

  • RandyN

    I use both and AppBrain does have some nice features but their search function is terrible.

  • JaylanPHNX

    I hope it’s the end for AppBrain. Okay, not really. I don’t wish the end of someone’s business, but I’m not a fan of the site. What I really truly want to go away is everyone’s websites linking their QR codes to AppBrain. I don’t use AppBrain, I want a link to the Market.

    • Chuck

      AppBrain’s QR codes go straight to the Market when you scan them.

  • Usman

    Appbrain just reenabled the Fastweb Installer.

  • powder

    remove your ads in the android version and I will start consider using your app