SwiftKey Announces Tablet Optimized Version

SwiftKey has officially announced SwiftKey Tablet, the tablet optimized version of their revolutionary keyboard. This new version uses the split keyboard template they showed off last month. According to their blog post, the guys over at SwiftKey worked with Google to optimize the keyboard for Honeycomb, and it is also skinned to match the holographic design of Honeycomb. It also includes their newest prediction engine called “Fluency 2.0″ which features a more robust and accurate prediction model than previous versions of SwiftKey. It looks like this keyboard is going to be launching around the same time as the Xoom, and should be around the same price as the current version of SwiftKey. I know I personally use SwiftKey on my phone, and I am excited to see it utilized on a tablet.


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  1. Appelflap
    February 04, 12:28 Reply

    Now, the official Honeycomb introduction would be really exciting if they showed the original Thumb Keyboard on Honeycomb.

    SwiftKey has gone one step to far to use the platform they are offered by Google to “introduce” a concept that is on the market for months now. So cheap. I guess they invest more in their marketing department than in their r&d department :P

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