AppBrain Fast Web Installer Functional Again

Good news AppBrain fans!  The 3rd party market that actually allows you to search Android apps with some kind of filtering system is reporting on their blog that their “fast web installer” utility is now working again after a Market update broke it.  There are some limitations however,  a quote from their blog outline them:

Notice that there are two caveats with the new fast web installer:

– You can not use this to get apps you otherwise would not be able to get. When you try to fast web install an app that is not available in your country or phone, nothing will happen.
– We do not get credentials to the “checkout” service, so it’s impossible that we install paid apps for you.

Also noted in their blog post was that you can also use the utility to un-install apps as well.

Go check it out in the market.

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  • Gary

    You’d expect Google to work with Appbrain rather than against, they do afterall offer a much better web interface for the Market and could really drive sales of Apps. Which is what Google need right now.