October 20, 2014

Google IO registration

I’m still sitting in my chair, shaking. I haven’t feel this way since I bought my lucky ticket to see Rolling Stones back in 2005. Yes, I did it – I will go to Google IO 2011! But why in age of the “cloud” it had to be such an awful, painful experience?

It seems that Google,  our web poster-boy, grossly underestimated popularity of this event. It was hinted (and why wasn’t it properly announced in the first place) that the registration would open at “business hours on 2/7/2011″ so, naturally I started checking my computer at 7AM. By 9:10AM Twitter was thick with suspense when at last @googleio came up with “Your wishes have been granted! Registration for #io2011 is now open at http://www.google.com/events/io/2011/register.html“. And at this point instead of orderly registration the process became fight for survival. In words of @cyanogen: “The @googleio site is in Cold Fusion?! What is this 1985?” Yes, ladies and gentlemen it looks like the most prominent Android hacker failed to get registered for Google IO since the very next message from him simply states “Thanks for your interest in Google I/O, but registration for this event is now sold out. ” And yet, somehow Android gods smiled at me smashing F5 key and madly reloading 503 pages. I got it, I managed to take it all way trough to Google checkout and I’m going.  Alas, bootcamp was sold in the first 2 min but at least I’m attending the main event!

This will probably go down the history as a classic example of how even largest and smartest companies can grossly underestimate and mismanage seemingly obvious things. And maybe Google will outsource IO 2012 ticket sales to the Ticketmaster? These guys know how to sell the tickets. I’m sure that Google will not repeat this morning fiasco. And as I’m looking for the silver lining in this whole ordeal I’m happy that I call myself Android developer. I’m almost ecstatic that I work with GWT and have Google Apps under my belt. Go Google!

Let me know if you made it and what was your story, so may be I’ll see you there!

P.S.  It looks like @cyanogen did get in but the official word is in now – Google IO 2011 was sold out in 59 min. My guess is that 57 out of these were us fighting 503 pages