XOOM Consumer Site Goes Live

Whether or not you think that the new Honeycomb powered Motorola XOOM is overpriced or not, there are a lot of people excited about the unit.

As we get closer to seeing the unit actually launch, Motorola has gone live with the consumer education site for their newest piece of drool educing hardware. Check it out and let us know what you think about the XOOM in the comments.

  • anon

    Look at that photo of the guy using the Xoom on the couch in front of the tv. What app do you think he is using there?

  • Nick

    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but this has actually been live since CES. Still not a whole lot of info on their site related to specs, which is unfortunate. Would be nice to see exactly why this costs $70 more than the equivalent iPad aside from being more awesome!

    • Tony

      There is no equivalent ipad. do a search on xoom specs and you’ll see that.

  • Rob

    sorry but if you’re shipping a tablet with wifi disabled I am not even considering a purchase. sad too i’ve been looking forward to this since it was a rumor

    • craig

      the wifi is not disabled

      The WIFI Hotspot is disabled until VZW activation.

      Google has said numerous times in the past that WIFI cannot be enabled “upon activation”

      The print from best buy has things misspelled, and also has the price wrong. Why take something from an unofficial source with inaccurate information and continue to repeat it as fact?

      • mva5580

        How exactly do you KNOW that they have the price wrong? It’s a freaking ad from a store, which are leaked online quite often before the actual week of the sale. And they’re never wrong. So your blind speculation is a hell of a lot more inaccurate than a scan from an actual Best Buy ad.

        Perhaps they have their info messed up on the Wi-Fi “enabling.” That wouldn’t shock me. But the price is the price.

        The only thing I can hope for at this point is that somehow Motorola played a part in the ad leaking online, and they’re gauging consumer response to the price. And considering how much of a negative reaction it’s received, hopefully they respond accordingly and drop the price $100.

        • Craig

          I know the price is wrong because I listened to Motorola’s Q4 earnings report. They hinted at a $700 price.

      • Matt

        You know what he meant. If it’s disabled until an activation that requires one month of Verizon service, then actually the price of the Xoom is $820 at minimum, because if you don’t have 3G or WiFi then you have a useless device.

        I agree that we’ll all have to wait and see on this. Perhaps Motorola is testing the waters by leaking pricing? One can hope, though frankly they won’t compete with the iPad on price unless it’s MUCH cheaper…

  • Brad

    I cannot believe it will only cost $800. What a bargain!!! I just feel bad for all the suckers that bought an iPad.

    • Harry

      Don’t know why you would feel bad for them. They can use the extra money for something else.800$? It better do a lot for that kind of money.

  • Rian P

    $800 for a Xoom. Not today or any day. I am a non-tecky user…just something to sit and watch TV or the kids to entertain me. Someone will pay the $$$$ but Mr Jobs can still sleep at night with that price tag!

  • thedeac

    I am not by any measure a geek.
    I have had PCs, Laptops etc since ’82. I was even exposed to the arpa network in ’73 so I’m not completely brain dead.
    But I do need help in considering the real cost of acquiring and using a XOOM

    I have a simple question that I hope one or two of you could answer for me?

    Verizon wants to charge $20-25 for 2GB, $30 for 5gb and $50 for 10GB. I understand those numbers when speaking of a size or a block of memory.

    But what do they translate into when speaking of use or time or utility, etc.?

    I’d appreciate any help you could lend me.

    Many thanks. thedeac

  • Matt

    Sorry, it’s just priced too high. I don’t care if the specs are better than the iPad, because the average consumer is just going to compare prices and decide that it’s too expensive. I wish we knew how many of each SKU of iPad were sold, because I bet the best seller is the $500. For that reason the Xoom is not going to sell well at all. I’d love to have one, but I’m not spending that much.

  • Looks like a great gadget, but they can’t be serious about the pricing?

  • michael

    Of course it’s expensive. It’s the first of it’s kind (in the android world) and is the flagship everyone will be looking at as the example of android on a tablet. There will be a wave of other android tablets not far behind it, and many of them will be able to undercut the ipad at pricing. But they’re trying to make a spash with everyone’s first impression of the android tablet, and so the xoom will probably have the best specs and highest price of all the tablets in the honeycomb generation. This is meant to be the one that catches your attention, and once they’ve got you hooked they will be other tablets to offer if the price is too high or if you really need 4G or whatever.

  • Barry

    Who cares? Motorola is over-pricing all their mobile devices. Maybe $499. Motorola, please fire the dumb ass that is responsible for the initial price. This person is going to ruin your chances of becoming the elite mobile Android leader. You need to keep building a fan base, but with these prices you are shooting yourself in the foot. I am still available for hire!

  • ray

    Was really looking forward to getting the Xoom in the uk.
    Needs a mobile broadband wifi contract, not a chance in the uk, doomed to fail because of that.
    Looks Like Motorola are doing the apple route by taking away your choices.
    Will have to wait for a decent android pad for a while longer I think.

  • Julius

    I heard a couple of other Vendors will be bringing out tablets with HC in the not too distant future – so maybe there will be some choice.

  • Robert

    Yes, I believe Toshiba has a tablet coming out this spring with almost the same specs as the Zoom. HTC should have some nice devices too. This will only drive down prices, so hold tight.

  • Elvis

    Unfortunately, it prolly won’t steal much thunder from apple because everyone will be waiting for the ipad 2 now lol…. BUT all in all it’s worth a LOT more than an ipad…. Just the simple facts it has dual core, way more ram, and CAMERAS (what a concept) it far surpasses the ipad and is easily worth more…