Xperia Play to be Officially Announced Feb. 13

Rumors of a PlayStation phone have swirling for months, and more recently we learned it will be called the Xperia Play and saw a fairly thorough hands-on with the device. Yet it has not been officially announced. But now, Sony Ericsson has taken to their Facebook page to say that the official announcement will be on Sunday, February 13, at 18:00 GMT. That’s 1:00 p.m. Eastern/10:00 a.m. Pacific.

With all we already know about this device, it will be interesting to see what they actually announce at the announcement–hopefully price, carrier and launch date.

Today’s teaser coincided with a Superbowl ad, a one-minute cut of the weird thumb-surgery-on-a-bugdroid ad that hit YouTube recently. If you were busy getting more nachos went it ran, just hit play below to get excited and/or creeped out.


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  1. ghunter
    February 07, 09:32 Reply

    First day buy for me. I bet you Sony E won’t be able to keep up with demand for this product and games like Angry Birds which is currently free in the Android App store, will have a price put on it because this SE device, this Xperia Play, will awaken the Android market and it will become an unstoppable force and take back some of that apple pie 😉

    It should be in stores by April!!!

  2. Yobif
    February 07, 12:22 Reply

    @Ghunter : But it’s Android OS right…

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