PrivacyStar Users Hit 100,000 Reports to the FTC!

PrivacyStar, an Android app and service that allows subscribers to report and block telemarketers and debt collectors who violate consumer protection laws, hit a record milestone this week for reports filed with the FTC.  Users of the service made their 100,000th report to the Federal Trade Commission, helping the FTC to crack down on the almost 20% of said callers who could care less about the “no-call list” or federal protection laws for consumers.

PrivacyStar allows users to block calls, SMS messages, while giving caller ID info for known offenders, and a utility to search unknown numbers to see who it is that is calling you repeatedly.  I don’t know about you, but I have been receiving a lot more calls on my cell number even though it is on the do not call list, trying to sell me male enhancement pills or a new mortgage.  At $2.99 a month, PrivacyStar may be just the app I was looking for to help with this problem.  Check it out on the Android Market and let us know what you think.

  • david

    The FTC needs to fine these folks and then use those funds to give this app to everyone. I am sure they could get it at a discount if they purchased 200 million copies….

  • Have to agree with David, this app needs to be free.
    The offenders should be fined and the fines should go to the developers as a reward for turning them in.

  • bman

    I just solved this for myself last night with Google Voice, when I get a repeated call from someone I don’t like, I add them as a contact called IGNORE, set them to auto forward and then I set Google Voice to block the call.

    Now when that number calls, it gets immediately routed to GVoice and they get a “this number has been disconnected” message…my phone never rings, I never now if they call again, bliss!

    If I have to add a number, I just add it to the IGNORE contact and I’m done.

    Why involve the government in this when I can handle it myself? Especially if I have to pay for the privilege…