October 25, 2014

Rumor: Android 2.4 in April as a Gingerbread Update

It seems that rumors of Android 2.4  are back, but in a different form than we’d heard before. Rather than 2.4 as the next named release, Ice Cream Sandwich, word now is that it’ll be an incremental Gingerbread release, as when 2.1 updated 2.0 but retained the Eclair name. In interview with Pocket-lint, a Viewsonic representative said that this 2.4 update will be on their upcoming ViewPad 4 phone, set for release in April.

The Viewsonic insider went on to say that the 2.4 update will be specifically to “ensure compatibility with dual-core apps.” Many have interpreted this to mean it will ensure apps designed for Honeycomb will run on Gingerbread phones, but Honeycomb itself does not require a dual core processor, so it seems to be a different distinction.

The rumor further muddies the question of whether Google will ever endorse Honeycomb for phones, and, if true, leaves us with no idea when a version named Ice Cream Sandwich might appear, and what version number it might have.