Teleca Announces Development of Platform for SiriusXM Radio

Teleca, maker of software solutions for the automotive and mobile industries is announcing today that they have created an Android platform for SiriusXM.  This will allow manufacturers to embed SiriusXM on top of an Android build into say, vehicles, boomboxes and other things.  (This is all assuming that people are going to want to still pay for satellite radio service).

A quote from their press release:

“SiriusXM continues to develop innovative products that allow our subscribers to experience the best audio entertainment available,” said Sean Gibbons, vice president of product marketing for SiriusXM’s aftermarket division.  “We were impressed with Teleca’s experience with the Android Operating System and strong background in radio interface integration. Teleca is working with us to develop a complete platform strategy for delivering our unique and compelling programming to consumers.”

The platform we have developed for SiriusXM is an excellent example of Teleca’s ability to seamlessly integrate a customer’s IP into a dynamic Android Operating System,” said John Trobough, president, Teleca USA.  “Most importantly, the reference application allows SiriusXM and third-party developers to quickly build out new products and thereby retain their competitive edge.”

Probably the more exciting piece of news here is that Android is being used to power the platform, which shows the OS as a viable option out there. Android is continuing to grow, and that is always a good thing.

  • Jimmy

    just goes to show you a blogger can post any bullshit…Assuming that people will want to pay for it? So what do you think us 20 million people have been doing…? Another poor child with no allowance from their parents…