A Peek at GeeksPhone Zero [VIDEO]

GeeksPhone, the little Spanish manufacturer that makes fully open, rooted-out-of-the-box Android phones, has posted a posted a short preview of their latest offering, the GeeksPhone Zero, which will be shown off at Mobile World Congress next week. The video is mostly comprised of benchmarking tests and demos, but there is a bit of a surprise at the end: a quick shot of CyanogenMod 7 booting up on the Zero.

We’ve checked with the CyanogenMod team, and this is not an official project of theirs; likely it’s an unofficial port by GeeksPhone themselves. But it’s still exciting to see a manufacturer touting their device’s CyanogenMod readiness.

Click through to watch the whole video: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqxUUqrNy4k[/youtube]

  • Oh how I wish Verizon would carry a device like this…

  • Specs are pitiful.
    My Incredible is much more of a “Geeks Phone”, rooted I can do what I want with it.
    Why pay for pitiful specs just because it saves you the step of rooting.
    Buy a good quality phone with good specs from your carrier and root it, makes a lot more sense.

    • Jerry

      To put it simply, because some of us like to vote with our wallets and reward those companies that don’t try (even if unsuccessfully) to make things harder on their loyal customers.

      Also, getting your phone free or at discount from your carrier = one of the biggest scams ever.

  • spydie

    Not everyone is a geek and can root a phone like some of us (or are too scared to do it). But they’d like to have a rooted for if for no other reason than being able to take screenshots. A pre-rooted phone is a great idea.

  • Dear John,

    We do not subscribe your opinion. We are a start-up and we are making our first steps. The aim of the Zero is to bring newcomers to the Android scene with an affordable device that significantly outperforms its direct competitors (Huawei, Acer..) in quality and performance.

    We are definitely preparing something that honours our name, but as we say in Spain, it’s not wise to start building the house from the roof!

    PS: it not saves you the pain of rooting, in fact, that’s fairly easy to do, but allows you to run any modded rom without losing your guarantee (even with tech support if our technicians are familiarized with it!)

    As always, I’m here to collect your doubts, critics and answer anything you may wish to ask! =)

  • Benji (TheDude)

    Who the fuck does the fact checking over here?

    • Chuck

      What did I get wrong, Benji?

      • arcee

        Geeksphone did provide CM with a prototype to work on. It’ll probably be the first device supported by CyanogenMod since release day.

  • rain

    Will this work with Simple Mobile?