“Alien Dalvik” Will Run Android Apps Anywhere [VIDEO]

Remember that post a couple weeks ago about the Blackberry Playbook possibly being able to run Android apps? Well, if true, it looks like the Playbook won’t be the only guy in town. Open Handset Alliance member Myriad has just announced a tool called Alien Dalvik, which is Android’s Dalvik VM ported to other systems. This may sound like a bit of abracadabra to you, but it means you’ll be able to run Android apps on any platform, and without a disturbing lag. Alien Dalvik will run the majority of Android apps, but for the very device-dependent apps, there’s an add-on for the Android SDK.

Alien Dalvik will initially be released for Meego only, but Myriad says it will arrive on other platforms soon enough. Check out the video after the break, it’s pretty cool!


  • comrade

    I hope there is an iPhone version of this so developers realize they don’t need to write apps for Apple anymore 🙂 Just write everything for Android, the rest of the of mobile world can enjoy the same apps !!! Of course Android will remain the best choice, due to native integration 🙂

    • Mac

      Apple would never allow it to see the light of day.

  • When is Alien Dalvik going to become available and take effect?
    I’ve finished developing and am sitting on 2 apps just waiting for Google to get up to speed and allow AppInventor developers to publish their work.

    Has anyone had any success, via alternative methods, in regards to publishing AI applications?

    • Felix Adams

      Decompile your apk
      Edit the manifest
      Recompile your apk
      Sign your apk
      Align your apk
      Upload your apk

  • Anonymous

    Android Dalvik VM run on iOS thanks to the open project “In th ebox”.
    For the first time, and such as first step of the “In the box ” open source project, you will find here http://www.in-the-box.org a video demo of the Dalvik VM running on iOS!
    So, “in the box” is an open source project create to provide a porting of Gingerbread Android runtime on top of iOS. It enables Android application developers to execute their Android application on iOS.
    Enjoy an djoin !:-)