BBC iPlayer Comes to Android (UK Only)

The official BBC iPlayer application has come to Android, bringing the ability to watch and listen to recent BBC TV and Radio programs.  This includes not only live radio and television, but also shows from the previous seven days.  Now here comes the rub.  According to the official blog, this app only works within the UK and only over WiFi.  Even if you download in the UK and travel abroad, you’ll not be pleased when you try to run the app.  A 3G-capable version is said to be in the works however there is no known ETA at this point.

Users of BBC iPlayer will be able to favorite shows, search through featured episodes, and browse the most popular shows. The application runs on Android 2.2+ and is simply gorgeous, as you’ll see in the pictures after the break.

  • Oh great.. My favorite channel will be in my mobile always.. Thanks for nice apps

  • test

    Gimme .apg for non UK !!!

    • test

      it .apk

  • j. read

    Its just a glorified web portal, no quality increase AT ALL. pointless. And dont forget you need flash too. Do yourselves a favour, 1 star the application and use the website. The iOS version will most definately be mind-blowing.

  • M1das

    Cant find app in the Android Market. have searched for beeb player and iplayer.

  • Suoerb……….

  • Good article…..