BGR Source Confirms Our February 24th Launch Date for HTC Thunderbolt

We try not to do the whole “told ya so” here at AndroidGuys but we felt compelled to this afternoon.  A few weeks back we reported that Verizon‘s upcoming HTC Thunderbolt would be dropping on February 24th.  One of our trusted sources dropped the news on us and when we shared it, a lot of readers tried to say we were wrong.  We were even contacted by other sites telling us that they had received confirmation from multiple sources of their own.  Today, the big news being reported across the Android universe is that the 24th is the launch date.  Only this time, it’s BGR saying it, so it must carry more weight. Right?

Maybe next time you’ll listen to us the next time we say we feel pretty confident, huh?

  • Davidco11

    Just make sure you post a similar message letting everyone know that you were wrong if it does drop on the 14th.

    It’s all just rumors right now. Could be 14th could be 24th. Until it drops we just won’t know.

  • Bill

    How is this phone different than Sprints EVO??

    • Android Jason

      Better processor, better camera, nice speaker under the kickstand, a better placed kickstand so the phone can either be on its side or standing up.

  • sccalidude

    So best buy put out a price for the phone non contract. At the bottom of that page it says launch date feb 14. And who is bgr anyway?

  • Corey

    yea bgr says the got it from other sources??? it’s all “hear-say”. Verizon’s just toying with everyone, it could come out the 14th, 20th, 24th, 28th who knows? but i know who doesnt know for sure and thats the public (including “bgr” and you mr. webster)

  • Derek

    The 24th makes sense. Verizon generally launches on Thursdays and the 24th is 2 weeks after the iPhone, which pleases Apple.

  • Zum

    How much will it cost 250 or 700?

    • Android Jason

      The $250 is with a 2 year contract. The rumored 700 is full purchase price at best buy. Not sure what Verizon will offer as of this time. I hope will will know more as it gets closer to launch.

  • Steve

    I hope this is right. I am really looking forward to this phone. Do we have any news on the screen? My only complaint with the incredible is that in sunlight it is very difficult to read.

  • Jeff

    What if I bought the iPhone on the 11th of february and decide on the 24th i want the thunderbolt? Is it legally possible?

  • Sammy

    haha, its feb 24th where is my Thunderbolt? Told you so!

  • rickster

    so when is it really coming out ? also what will be the data and hotspot price ?

  • rickster

    3-4 hours battery life ? thats what i get on my sprint evo, i dont care about battery life, thats why i bought 4 extra batteries ! just launch the phone so i can get rid of sprint !