Evernote 2.6 Released into Android Wilds


Popular note-taking and task management application Evernote just saw a significant update today with the release of version 2.6.  What’s new, you might ask?  Oh, well… only a bunch of stuff.  This release sees the rollout of snippets, notebook stacks, and the ability to edit styled notes directly from your handset.  Of course, there are also improvements to the overall speed, bug fixes, and general enhancements.  Hit the break to see breakdown of the features as well as a short video demonstration of the editing capabilities.

  • New view: Snippets – Designed to be more dynamic, giving users the most useful information about their notes in the smallest amount of space.  If a note contains an image, then we’ll show the note title, some text and a thumbnail. If the note is text-only, then instead of having a thumbnail, we’ll use the full width to display as much of the text as we can fit. It’s all meant to give you maximum at-a-glance information. In many cases, you won’t even need to open the note–you’ll get all you need from the snippet.
  • Notebook Stacks – The same functionality as you’ll find in Evernote for Windows and Ma, it lets users visually group notebooks. Now, one can see stacks that have been created on the desktop from Evernote for Android. If there are specific notebooks that are most useful when accessed from the phone (trip itineraries, shopping lists), consider creating a stack called Mobile. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the go.
  • Edit Styled Notes – Users can edit any note in your account, whether a text notes, webclip, snapshot, or audio note. This feature works by maintaining the styling of whatever element one might decide to edit. For example, when editing a bulleted list, the next line created will also be a bullet.  Same goes for editing a section of bold text, italicized, and more.

  • mjschmidt

    What about offline access to notes? Do they still screw you over there?

  • xarophti

    I’ll stick with NoteEverything Pro.

  • bousozoku

    I’m glad they’re continuing to develop the application on Android. It would be nice to have feature parity on all systems.

    I’ve yet to find a Japanese keyboard, but that’s not their fault, though I would like to edit in Japanese or Chinese on the phone rather than doing it on the iPod touch or Mac and getting it by file sync.