Latest LG Videos Are Full of Swagger, Promising to ‘Crush the Enemy’ [VIDEO]

I just noticed a pair of YouTube videos on LG‘s account which are teasers for their upcoming Mobile World Congress announcements.  At this point, we know what they are showing off (Optimus Pad, Optimus 3D), but it’s still fun to play along.  The first clip follows the trend of promising the “new dimension” we’ve been hearing about for a few weeks.  There’s no hard shot of the the device, but there’s plenty of tease in the 20-second video.

The second video plays like a movie trailer, complete with mention of director Michael Boy and Executive Producer Steven Spillback.  Borrowing very heavily from The Transformers, we see an Optimus Pad (Prime) crushing the enemy, or “destroying evil”.  It just so happens to be that this battle takes place in front of what appears to be an Apple store.  We’re treated to a few hardware goodies including,dual-core processing and 3D image processing, both of which we already expected.  Hit the jump to watch both!

  • Your second link’s a dud:

  • Josh

    I think it’s funny that it has taken a year for these companies to come out with a tablet that MIGHT compete well with the iPad and then make ads bashing Apple. I’m an Android fanboy but I’m getting tired of all the Apple bashing, why don’t they bash the Xoom or the Tab?