Remotely Monitor Your Teen’s Driving with iGuardianTeen

At nearly 6,000 deaths per year, motor vehicle accidents show no signs of waning. As more young drivers gravitate to smart phones and even feature phones, distracted driving becomes more of a problem. A pair of Orlando residents with a history of working in the vehicle insurance drew upon their experiences, creating an Android app called iGuarianTeen. Aimed squarely at keeping teen drivers distraction-free and focused on the road, the app provides peace of mind to parent around the world.

Listed with 17 safety features, iGuardianTeen acts as both a preventative tool as well as a monitor. Parents will love knowing that the app prevents texting and phone calls while driving, keeping a log of any communication.  Further, a report is directly emailed to the parents with details such as top speeds, GPS coordinates, and starting and stop times.  One of the coolest and most helpful features comes in its ability to record video in 5 minute loops.  Should your son or daughter have an accident, the video is automatically uploaded with locations and other relevant information.  At a one time $19.99 purchase, this will be a drop in the bucket for concerned parents.

Some of iGuardianTeen’s features include:

  • Automatic drive reports, sent by email after each driving session, to parents or instructors, which includes speed, GPS location, acceleration and other safety elements.
  • Distraction prevention, blocking texting and phone calls while the car is active.
  • Dash camera which records in a 5 minute loop and automatically upload video in the event of an accident.
  • Automatic accident detection and which can notify parents, providing video, location, and other vital information.
  • Safety incentives for consistent safe driving.


Android App Teaches and Protects Teenage Drivers

February 9, 2011

Orlando, Florida – In order to help prevent accidents among teenage drives, iGuardianTeen is launching a safe driving app that will help monitor and protect teenage drivers.

The app functions as a dash camera which also records and monitors multiple sources of data, including speed, GPS location, and distance travelled. The app will then send the data to parents by email at the end of each driving session, or if the app detects an accident.

“There is an urgent need to teach and protect teenage drivers,” said Mark Loges, President of iGuardianTeen and who also has 10 years of experience working in the insurance industry. “Currently motor vehicle crashes are the top cause of death for teenagers, and account for one in three teenage deaths nationwide. We need to do more to teach and protect our teens, and apps like this can be a part of the solution.”

On average, there are more than 5000 teenage deaths per year due to vehicle accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which monitors mortality statistics. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and with a fatality rate four times higher than that of adults.

The iGuardian Teen app includes many features which encourage safety and promote accountability. This includes blocking phone calls and text messages while driving, as well monitoring speed, acceleration, g-forces and other factors that may indicate unsafe driving behavior.

The app sends reports to parents after each driving session so that the parents can provide guidance and provide feedback, and will also automatically notify parents in the event of an accident in case the teen is unable to call for help.

“There are many monitoring services already on the market, but they all require hardware to be installed and cost hundreds of dollars,” said Loges. “This is the first app-only solution, and it provides more services and more versatility than hardware-only options, with a much lower cost.”

The iGuardian Teen app is available on Android devices through the Android market for $19.99 at Users can also learn more about the app by going to

“We hope in the future that insurance companies and other public safety institutions will help provide rewards or discounts for drivers who use apps like this,” Loges said. “Each iGuardian Teen report helps a parent understand individual driving behavior, and identify areas for improvement, and hopefully can help keep teenagers safe and save lives.”

About iGuardian Teen

It has become all too common place to hear news stories of tragic automobile accidents that result in severe injuries to teen drivers and passengers.  Teen distracted driving has become an epidemic with the advent of modern Smartphone’s with the highest degree of distracted driving occurring in the age bracket of 15 to 19 years old.  The average teen sends and receives a stunning 3,339 text messages a month.  My wife and I are parents of a beautiful daughter and future teen driver.  We wanted to put our 16 years combined automobile insurance experience to use and devise a Smartphone app that not only blocks incoming calls and texts but enables the parents to coach and monitor their teen driver.

Our solution is iGuardianTeen, an app that allows the parents to set limits, view driving footage and receive driving reports via email and/or text.  The app has 17 safety features to assist the teen driver in gaining safe driving experience.  The app can foster a good driving habit by not utilizing the phone while driving.   By creating a convenient way for parents to get involved in their teen’s early driving experience, we hope to keep teen drivers safer all the while giving their parents more peace of mind.

  • c00ller

    Just what teens need… less privacy. >_>

    • MeatRocket

      No, EXACTLY what they need – more guidance & oversight. There are more than enough negligent parents out there that hide behind the “I respect my child” mantra. BS! They’re just cowards who are afraid to tell their precious snowflakes “no”. As long as my kids are driving a vehicle I pay for, they’ll do so by my rules – or they can walk!

      • jregis

        i totaly agree with meatrocket …. teens need more attention from the parents

      • I think there’s a difference between involved parenting and the type of guidance and oversight required to be a responsible parent and using technology to track and spy on your children. This app seems to contain both some preventative/safety measures as well as monitoring/tracking features.

        I support the preventative/safety type features in the app; however, I personally feel that the monitoring/tracking features can be an invasion of privacy. This type of tracking is possibly indicative of lazy parenting which relies on technology to monitor your child passively instead of active face to face communication and interaction with your child to instill a sense of responsibility and establishing a level of trust where you don’t feel the need to spy on them.

        That said I understand that kids will be kids (especially teenagers) and that in some cases they are going to abuse that trust. I would hope that parents that use this and any other similar spy technology to track their children’s movements, conversations, etc. have only made the decision to use it after that trust has been broken and/or their child has proven that they are not responsible enough to be trusted. And even then, only after other measures have been attempted. Unfortunately, I fear that in many cases, apps like this are used as the first option instead of as a last resort.

        I think apps like these can prey on parent’s fears in some respect and make them overlook (or ignore) the invasion of privacy in the name of keeping their kids safe. But its an approach that really doesn’t address the root issue. Is your child going to be more safe if you spy on them and track their movements so that you can discipline them, or is it safer overall to spend the time with your kid to teach them about safety and preparing them to take care of themselves and act in a responsible manner?

        This is not to be mistaken with allowing your children to do whatever they want or simply saying you trust them while they run amok. It’s responsible parenting and communicating and teaching your children right from wrong and how to act and behave and what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

        Certainly an app like this can have very beneficial uses and the purpose of this post isn’t to disparage another developer’s application. This post is solely directed at the parents who use technology like this app as a substitute for actual parenting.

  • Philip

    Or maybe it’s time to reconsider raising the minimum age to 18 like in most other developed countries. Oh no, you can’t expect a 16 year old to be taking their bicycle to school – it’s too dangerous… Well, maybe if there were less teenage drivers on the road it would be safer to ride a bike!

    • Michele

      Hi Philip,
      I’m Italian and here we have the 18 as the minimum age for drive, for buy alcoholics… but it seem that this is not a resolution!
      From now on, for the newbie with a car licence, there are lower speed limit and higher penalties for traffic violations too.
      I agree with that principles but I’will inform you if that will work 🙂

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