WiFi Only XOOM Spotted at FCC?


The folks at Wireless Goodness have spotted what appears to be a WiFi-only version of the upcoming Motorola XOOM in recent FCC filings.  Bearing numbers that closely resembles those of the Verizon-branded XOOM (FCC ID IHDP56LU1), this new model (FCC ID IHDT56MT1) is only approved for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. With no mention of 3G or 4G support, it certainly appears that a WiFi-only XOOM is set to follow on the heels of the Verizon model. At least, we’d like to think so. We’re still waiting on our WiFi-only Galaxy Tab to arrive, months after it hit carriers.

Anyone care to guess what price point a WiFi version of the XOOM might run?


  1. Hopefully it would be in the $6xx range. I certainly do not need celluar data on one of these and seems like a waste of money IMO.

    Still more or less holding my breath at this point for a Nexus Tablet or something. Getting tired of waiting for updates from cell phone carriers on phones.

  2. My guess is that the price will be around $600-$650… at least, it BETTER be. Any higher and I’m not even gonna give ANY XOOM a 2nd look.

  3. Its funny because carriers are trying to keep air cards relevant. They lock up the market with for these tablets so you are forced to get them through them when I am going tether my Wifi Only tablet to my phone for free any how. I DONT WANT TO PAY DOUBLE FOR INTERNET I AM ALREADY PAYING FOR!!! I can only hope no one buys these tablets at their stupid price and they will see its a losing war and release WiFi only tablets first, because its stupid to pay for tethering and these carrier locked tablets for internet you are already paying for.

  4. I want a wifi only version just because they will most likely be cheaper. It really depends how much later it decides to be released though, if it won’t be released until months after the 3g one.. i will go ahead and buy the 3g one 🙂

  5. I have a Verizon MiFi already.
    I don’t need two data plans, give me a WiFi only model please.
    Verizon if you are listening, hurry up before I buy another android tab with WiFi only.
    Verizon….Can you hear me now?