First LG Optimus 3D ‘Ad’ Uses Yoga to Demonstrate 3D Capabilities [VIDEO]


If you’re like us, you’re still probably trying to figure out how a 3D mobile phone experience is going to affect your life.  We’re but a few days away from LG dropping the Optimus 3D on us and we’re scrambling to understand how our world will be impacted by glasses-free 3D on an Android handset.  What sounds awesome to some of you leaves the rest of us scratching our heads.  Thankfully, LG has put together a 1-minute video that speaks to everyone.  Everyone in the Yoga community that is.  Hit the break to see what we’re talking about.

So, now that you know what to do with it, are you buying one?


      • amen to that. adw launcher was the first thing i downloaded after i unboxed my vibrant, and i’ve never looked back. but that is weird about lg, the only lg androids i’ve gotten to mess with are the ally (yak) and the optimus t. both of which have some kind of silly optional home replacement, but neither of which offer anything that looks like touchwiz.

  1. I often wonder about the how to do certain positions inspired by some other kind of ancient Indian physical instruction manual. Maybe the 3D screen will show me how.

    Wow. It’s so much easier!

    BTW, came with the girl.