Even More Rumored Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs on Eve of MWC 2011


We’re but a few days away from Mobile World Congress 2011 where we’ll finally be able to put some smart phone rumors to bed.  One handset which has seen its fair share of speculation is the Galaxy S2 from Samsung.  Heading into the annual event, we’re hearing what may be the last batch of specs, from two separate sources.  Hit the break to see what both PocketNow and MobileFun are tossing around.

PocketNow is pointing at few Expansys  details for not only the Galaxy S2, but additional Android smart phones.  As for the Samsung device, these are “nothing more than speculatively populated” specs, but they do match up well with previous whispers.  These guys are saying to look for a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 512MB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8-megapixel camera, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.  Rounding out the hardware would be support for NFC, HDMI out,  HSPA+, Bluetooth, and GPS. Looking at the processor, we’re somewhat surprised to see a Qualcomm’s 8260 1.2GHz processor with Adreno 205 3D instead of their own Orion chipset.

MobileFun lists mostly similar specifications for the Galaxy S2, but does have a few discrepancies. In this case, we have the dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Orion processor running things with 1GM RAM. Aside from a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, everything else remains pretty consistent. Android 2.3, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC support, and an “ultra sharp 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen sound about right.

Look for all this to come to a head next week as Samsung unveils the real deal. We’ll be anxiously awaiting and look forward to sharing the news with you guys!

  • Locu

    Not that thrilled about this news really since Samsung and the carriers still haven’t delivered an Android update to the original Galaxy S, despite their promises over and over again. Clearly Samsung doesn’t support their devices once released. I think it’s time for a good old move back to HTC who does actually seem to update their devices in a timely fashion.

    • Doug S

      where did you recycle this complaint from, because the froyo update has been released.
      nobody makes a screen that compares with samsung. you can change the software yourself, but you cant make an HTC screen, or camera perform like the samsung screen or camera.

    • Tim


      You are SO late. Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (and others) has been updated to Froyo (2.2) since mid January. And I can report that it works great. They were slow, very slow in fact getting the Froyo update to their ‘flagship’ mobile phone that they have sold successfully in stunning numbers all over the world. Personally I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for this one as I don’t think they were prepared for the success of this device. Nor was T-Mobile. I also think they under-estimated just how much their customers would want an OS upgrade. Honestly, Eclair wasn’t functioning prohibitively poorly, it is just that Froyo is an improvement on performance so people felt they needed it. T-Mobile and Samsung have both said future Android updates will come in a more timely fashion, like 3-6 months after Samsung has released the update. I’m going to watch and see if they follow through with what they have said before I jump ship. I do really like the Galaxy S line and the Vibrant’s thin/slim profile. It fits easily in my pockets and it looks good. But there are other good Android devices out there also so if they screw it up I will drop them (Samsung AND T-mobile) faster than they can say “…what do we have to do to get you to stay?”.

      • Tim

        I should add that at this point the hold up isn’t Samsung, it is the carriers so if your carrier has not issued it is most likely NOT Samsung, but the carriers.

    • hassan

      @ “since Samsung and the carriers still haven’t delivered an Android update to the original Galaxy S”

      Not true, please don’t portray Local problems in the US on the Whole world.

      A Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo owner from Morocco

      • Andy

        Random capitalization is cool dude

    • takiat

      If you are one of those people who need to be spoon fed updates and have no clue about rooting, roms, doing your own updates why the hell would you even want an andriod? Just go back to apple and u can get the itunes update for beginners.
      Andriod is made for people who want to do their own things to their own phones and not ever be held up by the manufacturers, or in the froyo updates case, the carriers. It is already common knowledge (at least if your not to lazy to do a little googling) that the froyo update was turned over by Samsung months ago, and that the carriers were the ones who blocked it. Doesn’t matter though, I had it in the fall. And everyone else at tmobile at least had it in mid january like someone said above. And watch even, once the s2 comes out with gingerbread 2.3, their will still be rooting, and roms, and new os’s coming out b4 the manufacturer or carrier releases it and once again real andriod users will have it and watch these forums with the same stupid ppl complaining.
      And I wil come back on here again and tell you again, go back to Apple and leave us alone. ITARDS

      • Paul S.

        you remind me of el Rushbo…classing Android users into 1 blanket category.
        Grow a pair and realize that probably 90% of Android BUYERS will not root – even those who know how. A phone Should receive updates in a timely fashion. Android is new and Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. are also new to the Android O.S., so just because YOU like to root doesn’t mean Everyone else likes to. Give these guys a break…BUT if a manufacturer still takes too long to update THEN yell at them. We ALL deserve a second and even third chance in this life so Grow Up dipsh#t !

    • ken

      Well, I’m not sure you know but, an update IS available throught a manual update…
      Search it….
      Also think about it if they want this to sell they need it to be “Better” right?
      Sent from an HTC G2… lol…
      PS: I Never even knew HTC prior to My G1…. also wasn’t impressed with my Samsung Galaxy S.
      At All!!!

  • Doug S, its not recycled. If you have Sprint then you still havent recieved the froyo update. What the hell is the hold up!!

  • I’ve had froyo on my Vibrant since October. If you can’t or won’t root your phone then maybe Samsung isn’t for you. Stick with HTC or Apple.

    • Jesse

      what a douche comment. must not be getting any a$$play lately.

  • No working Froyo for Fascinate, and that’s a Galaxy S.

  • McParty

    WOW…Full of Samsung Fanboys today!

  • Here is some Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) and Galaxy S

  • Anderlan

    gyro? barometer?

  • masterpfa

    It’s a Samsung. They have great ideas, BUT…….. the delays in getting updates will put me off. OK before I get a barrage of people saying Froyo has been released for Samsung and in January, News people Gingerbread was released in December.

    It’s not important if it’s the manufacturer or carriers fault, the fact is if you own a Samsung there will be a delay in getting an OS update or it has been up until now (Fact!)

    MWC 2011 will really tell what’s being introduced and I have always been impressed with the phone specs from Samsung, we will just have to see what the future holds and see if Samsung can deliver.

    But I’ll let the Samsung fans find out, I’ll be observing from the outside with either a Sony Ericcson, Motorolla or HTC

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