RIM Trying to Make Their Playbook Tablet Capable of Running Android Apps?

Bloomberg is reporting that RIM (creators of the Blackberry) is working on making Android Apps run on their upcoming tablet debut, the Blackberry Playbook. While it is still a mystery of how, it is still an interesting topic and quite a controversial one for Android users.

The feature is still in the works, and will not be seeing the consumer’s sight until the second half of the year, if that. Previously, we thought that RIM would be using Dalvik VM to run the apps, but now, Bloomberg is saying that they are looking into other ways due to the Oracle/Google legal dispute.

Android users! What do you think about the possibility of a different OS running your apps? Light up the comments.

  • Steve

    I think it can be a very good thing. Blackberry users are a large business and business oriented market. That’s a lot of demand for well designed and built business oriented apps. As long as they’ll work on “every” other Android device, I’ll be happy. It can only grow the ecosystem.

    I know it’s not an Android device, but is it really that different from some of those heavily modified and skinned tablets and phones out there?

  • j.

    I think it is great, if android apps run on BB, it means that when it comes to non-device/hardware specific apps (music players, games etc.) the choice for devs. will be clear… android! Lets hope this whole porting Dalvik to other platforms goes as far as WP7 and iOS (this would only happen in with a jailbroken device of course :p)

  • Matt

    It’s great, why wouldn’t we love having more people able to download our apps?

  • macs

    Doesn’t Alien Dalvik do this on meego. I think its being ported to several other platforms.

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