Rumor: Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One This Week?

Take this one with a big grain of salt, but MobileCrunch’s Greg Kumparak is reporting that a Google employee at MWC “casually mentioned” that a Gingerbread OTA for the Nexus One is around the corner. Other sources confirmed to him that the OTA will be on the way later this week or early next week.

I am, in the legendary words of the Great White, once bitten, twice shy about rumors like this, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

Let us know what you think. Excited for a possible OTA? Or have you already taken matters into your own hands?

  • Arcano

    I don’t trust rumors anymore… been waiting for it since it was announced back in November…

    • michele

      In November It was rumored around the corner… 🙁

      • Arcano

        on December it was said… in a few weeks
        on January it was said… In a couple of weeks

  • Kindroid

    Bring it ON.

  • Haven’t bitten the CyanogenMod apple, yet, but if we don’t see Gingerbread by March, I may start looking at taking a snack from the Mod tree.

    • SEN

      I agree Gingerbread has to show up soon!!!!

      • AG

        Well I agree too, but since the rumors about the new Gingerbread update which is 2.4, is now Confirmed by several sources and the OTA dates is in April ( or may – I don’t recall that correctly) I most likely going to flash my N1 with the CM7, this is my first time flashing any rom on my sweet N1 but it wasn’t my choice Google made me do it 😀 …

  • SEN

    A well needed update but I’ll believe it when it happens! I feel like its time to move on and upgrade to something new if Gingerbread doesn’t show up soon. But it sure isn’t going to be the horrible nexus s that doesn’t deserve Gingerbread.

  • kimberly

    Ive been waiting on rooting my phone, dumb i know, but i wanted to get stock gingerbread first..they better hurry before i change my mind,,bootloader is already unlocked

  • Jason

    I got sick of waiting and decided to just move to CyanogenMod.

    No regrets.

  • P.G

    Great White !!!!

    Man, that’s a blast from the past 🙂

    “My, my, my …once bitten, twice shy, baby”

    Gingerbread for my Nexus One and Great White in a single post …life is good, indeed 🙂

    • Chuck

      I’m glad at least one person enjoyed the Great White reference.

  • mightytalldude

    Already have 2.3.2 plus many many extras on Cyanogen 7. No need to wait!

  • Wait, the nexus 1 doesn’t even have it yet? Wtf DOES have it? That’s the phone I’ve been thinking I should have got way back and now it seems Cyanogen is doing Google’s job even for that phone…

  • Peter

    At this stage I’m almost glad Google refused to sell me a Nexus One when I tried to buy one. I have no idea when (or if) my Desire will get 2.3 but nobody sold me the promise of instant updates when I bought it.

  • I switched to CyanogenMod shortly after 2.2 update and I’m already running nightbuilds of CyanogenMod 7 for more than a month. It has few issues, but I’m using SIP integration quite a lot and I hope that issues will get resolved over the time.

  • Nick

    I’ve been using Cyanogen 7 for a few weeks now and it has been awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using a standard rom again… Totally awesome, it’s faster, stable and it must be lighter because I can fit twice as many apps on my phone as before! Plus they just released a RC, having said that, I had no issues with their nightlies, so thanks Google for saying Gingerbread would be on our phone ‘in a matter of days’ weeks ago! otherwise I never would have discovered mod roms!

  • isaac

    If you’ve got a N1, you’Re smarter than others. As you’Re smarter, you’ve installed CM7 for your N1. Google gingerbread is the last thing you care about.

  • RR

    Rumour this all this site has to offer.
    If you want concrete news…this isnt the site to be…is that it.

  • Russ for UGA IX in ‘011

    Congratulations, Droid!

  • Evo1

    Where did I hear that one before

  • Jade

    It’s all just BS… at least that’s the way I see it.

    Cyanogen has done a better Job than Google has done, even though I still consider the ROM to be a Hack-Job as not having the final sources for the N1 puts the ROM at a serious disadvatage.

  • comrade

    if it’s not CM I’m not installing it ! 🙂
    Google should just pass their source code with a good chunk of cash to the Douche team and move on 🙂

  • Marleixo

    I’m really disapointed with google about this issue…
    One of the reasons for me buy nexus one was the Updates, the “Nexus’s” was the one who supposed to be ALWAYS updated with the lastest Android version…
    Thats not happen, there is lots of devices “in the corner” that will be realesed with gingerbread…. maybe before nexus one…

    It is really disgusting..

  • “Don’t stop believin’… Hold on to the feelin’…”

    I just stopped expecting that update, I already got the Gingerbread keyboard to fix a language/keyboard issue.

    So Google can push it when they feel like it. They’ve killed my fire with 2.2.2 (expecting 2.3).

  • elarella

    I think people need to chill out about the Nexus One not receiving the updates in a “timely” manner. We don’t

    know the exact reasons as to why Google waited for so long. Everything we read on the blogs are usually just

    pure speculation and assumptions. I am glad that the update is coming soon and that hopefully all the bugs

    are worked out (ie rebooting issue on the Nexus S). Other phones are coming out with Gingerbread, but that

    won’t be until April at the earliest. Besides, be glad that the Nexus One is at least getting the update. I feel

    sorry for those that got a phone with WinMo 6.5. Those guys can’t even get an OTA to Windows Phone 7. I

    should know this, I also have an HTC HD2. Those that want to mod their phones, go right ahead. Meanwhile,

    I’ll wait for the OTA with my Froyo still working perfectly.

    • I kind of get the feeling the N1 is going straight to 2.4…

  • Will believe it when I see it. Almost forgot about it. They said in November that it would be coming in a few weeks. We’ll see.

  • SSA


    I seem to have heard this before