CyanogenMod 7 Hits Release Candidate

It seems that Teamdouche will never end, at least when it comes to beating OEMs to releasing Gingerbread. That was the news that hit Twitter with a single post by the infamous Chris Soyars. While we have had nightlies for the past month, which are known to be unstable at times, the release candidates are more stable, and are officially one step closer to having full-blown CyanogenMod 7.

One thing to note is that, if you count a release candidate as a release, Teamdouche beat every manufacturer, except Samsung, to releasing Gingerbread. And of course, CM7 has some added tweaks that make CyanogenMod so awesome, like the T-Mobile Theme Engine.

So, if you’re a CyanogenMod user, keep an eye on ROM Manager or download the files yourself. And let us know in the comments how RC1 is treating you!

  • John

    No Samsung Galaxy S version is a huge fail to me. Those are some of the best selling phones out there and since Samsung is so ridiculous when it comes to software updates, CyanMod was our best hope of 2.3 on our Vibrants/Fascinates/Captivates.

    • Damien

      The problem with the SGS line is that Sammy used a proprietary file system on their phones, thus making it so it was almost impossible to get an AOSP ROM like CM running properly on the line of phones

  • bryan

    I would not count the Nexus S as a Samsung handset, since Google controls/provides all of the software. Samsung simply manufactures the hardware.

    It is not surprising that the manufacturers have not released Gingerbread devices or updates, considering even Google has not released Gingerbread for the Nexus 1. Once the Nexus 1 gets Gingerbread the clock starts ticking for manufacturers to update existing handsets, I just don’t see how manufacturers would get an upgrade out before Google, since Google has a head start since they build the OS.

  • Elvis

    Yeah, and the only person I know that has a galaxy s is also running the cyanogen nighties 😉

  • linuxfreak

    Forget waiting for ota’s, they promise for months while your friend has the latest greatest rom on his new phone. Anyway the stock roms are boring and limited. Google and the rest don’t care. They see it as you have a handset so be happy. I took my G1 and then N1 out of the box and rooted,wiped and loaded Haykuro(G1) and then Cyanogen(G1/N1). Now on the CM7 nightlys which have been solid with almost no force closes and no hangs. Get the Rom manager and let it load up a new build as often as you wish. It works perfect, backs up rom,data and apps to sd so don’t worry. Btw, the Galaxy S my son has was taken out of box and of course wiped and loaded up with Team Whiskeys Bionix-v. It is Android 2.2 Froyo but it beats the oem load up and down. If you want to move up to the latest you have to just do it. Also much thanks to Cyanogen.

  • IY

    Samsung turned out to be the crappiest phone when it comes to OTA updates and dev support……Dont get me wrong, but the only “real” ROM out there for Vibrant is made by TW….No hopes for 2.3, CM, Sense UI, or Miui…….At this point I would better of getting MyTouch 4G instead of Vibrant 4G……sucks that only Sammy has SAMOLED.

  • Chuck G

    Rom Manager popped up a notice that CM7RC1 was available, I said OK, system rebooted, backed up the existing ROM, updated, rebooted again. Doesn’t get any easier.

    Only problem I had was my wifi hotspot would not allow me to connect properly even after reconfiguration. This problem disappeared after rebooting one more time.

    I haven’t noticed any real benefit from the upgrade yet, haven’t had the chance to dig in and explore. The new Market Place is pretty slick and many things are different and need some getting used to.

  • Chuck G

    OOPS! Forgot to mention I’m running a G2 overclocked to 1.4G. Yes, 1.5 is doable but I want my baby to last

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