‘First Look’ Videos for HTC’s Mobile World Congress Announcements (UPDATE)

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that HTC unveiled a tablet, two Facebook phones, and a trio of updated Android devices.  And while pictures are nice to look at when reading a press release, nothing beat a little video.  HTC has released some short clips on YouTube today which give us our first official look at most of their new units.  Hit the break and check out the videos.  Which of these, if any, has you the most excited?  Are you one of those ready to run out and by a “Facebook Phone?”

HTC unveils a new line up at MWC 2011

First Look at Desire S

First Look at Wildfire S

First Look at HTC Salsa

First Look at HTC Flyer

First Look at Incredible S

First Look at ChaCha

  • Nice commercials, but personally I feel underwhelmed by these phones. All major HTC competitors came out with a honeycomb tablet and phones that are really making a big step forward. For HTC this is not the case. I was hoping they would come out with a real nice 10″ honeycomb tablet

  • Andrés

    I agree with Jack. It looks like HTC is rehashing last year’s product as opposed to pushing the envelope like Motorola (Atrix 4G docks), LG (Optimus 3D screen), and Samsung (Galaxy S II screen) have done. Add to that whatever Apple may come up with in the iPhone 5, and HTC is really getting left behind.

    One can only hope that they have an ace up their sleeve that they’re saving for later, perhaps right after the iPhone 5 comes out.

  • sansenoy

    They are preparing a true dualcore device, but it’s probably going to turn up a US summer exclusive and wash up in Europe this winter… The only thing I was hoping for was a rehashed Desire HD, with a proper battery and a Thunderbolt kickstand/speaker setup, I don’t care for those stupid tablets yet, but a proper flagship phone should have been a priority… Even these, barely retouched, phones probably have the same crappy battery life, the same tinny speakers and the same mediocre cameras, I guess this year belongs to samsung…

  • Cotillion

    Wow how disappointing. I was hoping after the G2 hotness HTC would be on a roll with the metallic phone thing pushing out hot new devices…but these just feel so bleh, been there done that what’s next. HTC is still my favorite manufacturer but if they don’t want to go belly up they’d better put out some phones that are really impressive.