GetJar Gets $25 Million to Fund Android Efforts

Cross-platform independent app store GetJar, probably best known to Android users as the place where Angry Birds debuted before hitting the Android Market, announced that it has secured a cool $25 million in new funding, and that the money is earmarked to “help publishers acquire Android users profitably.”

Though GetJar offers apps for other platforms, such as Blackberry and Symbian, this new push is focused specifically on expanding their offerings for Android developers.

Much of their new funding came from Tiger Global Management, whose Managing Director, Lee Fixel, praised GetJar:

“We’ve been highly impressed with the leadership team and their ability to disrupt the marketplace with the fraction of spend compared to the likes of Google and others. I’m very excited to see what GetJar will do next with our investment during this tremendous growth period.”

During 2010, GetJar was able to get a foothold among Android users and developers through partnerships with Rovio, Zynga, Glu Mobile, Yahoo!, Sprint and AT&T. But going forward in 2011, they face competition from an improving Android Market as well as Amazon’s looming app store. Their new funding will be important in giving them a chance to keep pace given those conditions.

Source: GetJar

  • GetJar is an important player in the ‘device-agnostic app’ field. The success of GetJar, Kindle and Google Android Market has proven that, as oppose to Apple app store or BlackBerry app store, making apps that are ‘device-agnostic’ i.e. able to run on many differing device platforms increases the market share and more importantly gives developers access to that market which works as an incentive to create better quality apps. GetJar or Android market needs to think more about quality apps than just trying to build a collection to beat apple’s 350,000 apps. Quality and not quanity is important in going forward. For more on ‘device-agnostic’ computing read my blog.