Motorola’s Sanjay Jha Confirms XOOM at $799, WiFi Version at $600

So you’re debating on picking up the Motorola XOOM tablet but are waiting on word of its final cost.  Wait no more.  Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha  confirmed today in Barcelona that the unsubsidized version of the Honeycomb-powered tablet will run customer $799 when it debuts.  Further, a WiFi-only version is going to fetch around $600 once it shows up, presumably a short time later.

Sanjay also reiterated the company’s belief in Android as the platform to work with.  With recent news of Nokia and Microsoft climbing in bed, how would Motorola react?

“I am as focused on Android as I ever have been. As a result of Nokia adopting Microsoft it’s possible that some of the other players concentrate on Android.

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  1. Adam
    February 16, 12:25 Reply

    Fair price given how much the phones cost.

    At $600 I’ll be buying one.

  2. Kindroid
    February 16, 13:08 Reply

    Sounds fair enough. Expect to see prices come in line with iPad 2.

  3. Streets Of Boston
    February 16, 13:08 Reply

    If these are indeed the unsubsidized prices, then the prices are fair. I may be waiting for the G-slate, though, since i’m a T-Mobile user.

  4. kevin
    February 16, 13:08 Reply

    yes……… this is fantastic news, only problem is when is it gonna drop. samsung be dammed

  5. James
    February 17, 10:44 Reply

    I think $800 and $600 dooms the XOOM. Why does the addition of a 3G radio cost $200?

    I know the temptation is to equate them with the phones we’re all willing to pay $500 for. But another way to see it is a slightly modified netbook with no keyboard, and who pays $600 or $800 for a netbook?

    Someone will sell a decent Honeycomb tablet with good specs for around $400 in the next 2 months, that will be the winner.

  6. michael
    February 17, 11:18 Reply

    Yes, but how many people will pay the $200 tax for a 3G modem they don’t really want just because they won’t want to wait for the unannounced release date of the wifi version?

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