Sony Ericsson Finally Brings Their LiveView Across the Pond

The Sony Ericsson LiveView has finally made its way across the pond here to America, and for the small price tag of $83. If you are not familiar with the LiveView, it is a small bluetooth accessory that lets you control your Android phone from your wrist. You can read texts, play music, and even check Twitter and Facebook all from something that you wear like a wrist watch.

SE claims to have addressed early compatibility issues with the LiveView. This is something I personally would use, though I might hold off on buying one for the time being. Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments.

  • Davey

    Well, it’s still no use in the UK so can’t see a trip across the pond making it miraculously work as it’s supposed to.

    Good luck if you buy one.

  • Jason

    “I wish I knew what that text message says that I just received, but my phone is all the way in my pocket, now I’ll never know….oh wait, I can read it on this lame looking gadget that you were on your wrist!? Hooray!”

  • I looked at it for My N1, but it says it does not support playing music?!? I’ll hold off.

  • Matt

    I had one for christmas for my desire hd, took ages to connect after lots of attempts then after two days it fell off the wristband it comes with (clips aren’t really that good) and I haven’t seen it since, but I don’t miss it.

  • it looks great!! i cant wait to buy it! good luck to all!!

  • BigHeat

    This could be very useful to those who want to control exercise software without carrying a phone around the room (home gym), twisting to check some monster armband, or having to take a phone out of some hip holster (or fanny pack). 😐

    Then there’s discrete mid-meeting check ins …

  • The_Omega_Man

    If it works for all phones, I could see some use for it. No more placing the phone on the bar to check for messages.

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