Android Pins…Gotta Collect them All!

Android has come out with a pretty clever marketing tool in the form of Andy pins.  As you can see in the picture, Andy takes on various outfits and scenarios and is in pin-form, waiting to be collected by his fans.  The MWC was crawling with various pins that people were steadfast in collecting and trading.

Some, of course, are more rare than others, but above all, people have been going crazy for them.  According to the Wall Street Journal, there are approximately 86 different pins out there.  I just checked ebay, and haven’t found any yet.  Let us know if you see any in the wild!

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  1. Nathan
    February 17, 15:56 Reply

    yeah i’ve been checking ebay every day and i haven’t seen any of them.

    not surprising considering most of the people who went are probably going to want to keep theirs.

    assuming they’re from google, and it’s safe to say they are since they all look like the androidfy app, i just hope they start selling them in their official store.

  2. robert
    February 17, 20:20 Reply

    If someones smart enough they will see them. What about that guy who sold Android key chains? I got one I think 2 or 3 years ago. I cant remember his name.

  3. Mark
    February 18, 00:29 Reply

    Had a blast at MWC2011 I got 3 different ones ( only) nut I have about 4 of each one. They are really nice. Actually they were also goveing out android dolls. ( the plastic ones that you may have seen for sale – got me one of those too :))

  4. christine
    February 18, 12:42 Reply

    I got 13 pins at MWC and wish i had more. The guru one i received as worth something, along with the bikini one! Brilliant marketing and such a benefits for all Android partners too. We had an incredible show. Thank you Android!!

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