Fujitsu Working on Dual-Screen Android Device

Fujitsu is working on a dual touchscreen phone ┬áthat’s currently being shown off at MWC running Symbian, but according to unwiredview, the phone will be running Android when released.

The form factor is even funkier than you might initially think: the orientation of the two screens and hinge can be changed by the user.

Although more just a novelty right now, there could be great things in store for dual screen phones.  Head on over to unwiredview for more images and a video taken at the MWC.

Sound off below, are you looking forward to a dual touchscreen phone, or not something that you see yourself using?

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  • Btelks

    Dual screen mobile phones will never be a success. Look dumb imo

  • Benji

    Please don’t say great and dual screen in the same sentence.

  • sansenoy

    Add a fckin ticker display on each side and you have yourself a true iphone killer, guaranteed…

  • ari-free

    Japan goes for all kinds of these weird phones. This is actually pretty tame compared to many other phones.

  • gulen charter schools

    This is a great achievement Fujitsu.This is a fabulous application of Japanese company.The invention of this company is really great.

    • Ikijibiki

      Fujitsu no kaisha-in da ne?

  • adonis

    Too cool!

  • Ridokilos

    Nintendo DS emulator…. ? :)

  • Dannyjayfuller

    A nintendo DS emulator and touch keyboard with a dedicated top screen for video chat… And… um…. No, I think that’s it. Next!

  • sdf

    Heh- I kinda dig it Will be great for watching movies!