More Info on How Ice Cream Sandwich Will Operate

Image: Jeff Golden

Phone Scoop is reporting today that in an interview they conducted with Google Android Engineering Director David Burke, he talked about some of the things we can expect when “Ice Cream Sandwich” rolls out.

A quote from the article:

Besides merging phone and tablet versions, as announced yesterday, the new version will likely bring the “action bar” at the top of the screen on tablets, to phones as well. The action bar provides contextual, app-specific buttons to act on whatever is on the screen at the moment, replacing the “press and hold” gesture, which will be phased out except for drag-and-drop operations. The “system bar” – at the bottom of the screen on tablets – may not come to phones, however. The new “Hologram” visual style of Honeycomb will come to phones, as will the new multi-tasking app switcher that shows a small view of each app running.

It looks like Android handsets are going to see some of the Honeycomb goodness after all.  Of course, until we actually see it happen, this can all be chalked up to rumor and talk.  But we can hope right?

  • JBC

    I think Google announced that it’s just called Ice Cream now.

    • madhaus

      Google did not announce anything. Dell leaks a PowerPoint slide and everyone treats it as if it’s Holy Writ. Schmidt was careful not to refer to specific code name.

  • Kevin

    That multi-tasking app switcher sounds hawwwwt. Can’t wait!