MapQuest Jumps on the Android Bandwagon


So MapQuest has decided to throw it’s hat into the Android ring, and offer an app for Android based handsets and tablets that have GPS capabilities. If you use Google Maps, it can be hard to imagine why anyone would try to take on Maps at it’s own game. The answer? Maps navigation does not work outside of the US, where MapQuests app reportedly does.

The creators of the MapQuest app say that it is a work in progress, but it will be interesting to see if they can differentiate their app from Google’s.  Check out the screen shots after the break.

Image Credit: Search Engine Land

  • Err… can’t speak for other countries, but Maps navigation works just fine in the UK.

    • jim

      Navigation works well here in western Canada

  • PacoBell

    One major advantage it has over Google Maps is that it supports Open Street Maps. This is HUGE, people!

  • imhotep

    Google Maps Navigation works in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland

    Since June 2010


  • Timmah

    Maps Navigation even works in New Zealand.

    Is good too!

  • Chris

    Google Maps Navigation also works great in Australia 🙂 (officially too, without the need for a hack)

  • Gardenwife

    I love Mapquest’s route planner and use it all the time in my work. I look forward to seeing what Mapquest comes up with; I didn’t like them for years, but they are really stepping up to the plate. I wish Google had trip planning for multiple addresses like that, especially for Android.

  • linuxfreak

    Mapquest? On Android with native Google maps? If you want to get lost just use that antiquated map system. Everytime in our out on the road business someone ask where a place is they always pull out a paper with that Mapquest logo on it! They still have a name on my hometown in a major city that has not been used by locals (because they are all dead) in over 50 years! They list roads that have been gone,name changed decades ago. Do yourself a favor and stay with the Gmaps and you wont be asking for places that don’t exist or getting lost.

  • Joaohm

    Actually navigator works perfectly in brazil two.

  • matt

    For multiple locations with Google Nav, use BestRoute Pro app. I deliver for Fedex and would be screwed without it. I can input 50 addresses in minutes and it will optimize the order and give me turn by turn spoken directions that most dedicated dash mount navs have trouble with. All the other drivers have started using it.