October 25, 2014

McAfee Uses Infographic to Scare Android Users into Downloading WaveSecure

McAfee has put together a little infographic earlier this week to let you users know just how easily your personal information can be compromised should you lose your phone.  According to them, people just don’t “get” how serious an issue mobile security is and that folks tend to tune out whenever the subject is brought up.  So how does McAfee get your attention?  Take a prison visit, Scared Straight tactic and hit you in the face with facts.

For those of you who don’t think you’ll ever lose your phone, you’ll want to think again.   At the most recent Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany there were nearly as many cell phones (320) left behind as there were wallets (410).  Additionally, an additional 10,000 cell phones are stolen every month in London alone.  Stopping to think for a moment, there is an awful lot of stuff that we put on our phones aside from personal pictures and media.  Stuff that would take more than just a few phone calls to fix.

If you haven’t downloaded some form of mobile security for your Android handset, you seriously should think about it. If not McAfee then someone else.  WaveSecure is one of the better apps we’ve come across in this area and it offers some pretty nice features.

  • Remotely lock down your device
  • Wipe out important data stored on your mobile to protect your privacy
  • Back up your data from your phone or remotely on the web
  • Access your data online from anywhere. Restore your data to a new phone
  • Locate your lost phone and plot the locations on a map
  • Track SIM card